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We have created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that will hopefully answer any questions you may have about The Brampton News.  Find answers here to questions on site guidelines and registering to become an author.  This page is updated on a regular basis, so the chances are that the answer to your question is just a click away!

If you do not find the answer to your question in the FAQs, or would just like to make a comment or suggestion, please send us an email:

Site Guideline FAQs:

Q1 - Who can submit articles and news releases?
A.  You do not have to be a professional writer to submit an article or news release.  We welcome submissions from Brampton residents (including students*), community organizations and clubs (social, sports, seniors, youth, arts, etc.) as well as local Brampton businesses.

* Children under age 18 must have a parent or legal guardian's written permission to submit their article or new release and such permission must accompany the material or it will not be considered.

Q2 - Is there a cost to submit business articles or news releases?
A.  Business articles, press releases and advertorials are subject to a cost - $100 each.  They are considered a form of advertising your business, services and/or products to prospective customers. 

Starting May 1, 2007, businesses interested in becoming an author/contributor will be charged a flat fee of $350/year.  Business articles, press releases and advertorials can be submitted for publication maximum 4 per month.

Q3 - How much do you pay per article?
A.  We do not pay for articles submitted to The Brampton News, but it is a wonderful place to showcase your talents.  The public exposure of your article, and recognition in your field should provide you with many benefits. 

Q4 - What are the benefits of submitting an article or news release to The Brampton News?
1. You, your organization, club or business becomes known within the Brampton community
2. You, your organization, club or business contributes to the overall building of community spirit by publishing an article or news release that provides useful information to the residents of the City of Brampton.
3. The article or news release provides a link to your website, your byline, and a brief biographical statement.
4. Readers interested in contacting you for more information about the topic, organization, club, event or company can easily locate you.
5. The article link can increase traffic to your website.
Q5 - What types of articles or news releases can be submitted?
A.  All articles or news releases must be relevant to local readers and recent (within the past 30 days).  Did your non-profit organization or business event raise money for a local charity? Has your child's school participated in a sports, arts or charity event? Are you a member of a local sports team and interested in sharing the highlights of the games? Have you visited a local art exhibit or seen a theatrical performance or movie recently? We'd like to hear about it!  Submissions must be written in English.   

We reserve the right to not publish articles advocating prejudice or discrimination against any race, colour, national origin, religion, disability or handicap, gender, or sexual orientation.  All editorial decisions are final.

*If you wish to submit a calendar announcement you may do so by selecting the "Submit Your Event" link on the homepage of or visit the Events CalendarSubmit Your Event

**If you wish to submit a classified ad you may do so by selecting the "Classified" link on the homepage of or visit the Classifieds -

Q6 - Can I submit an article or news release that was published elsewhere?
A.  Yes. By submitting any article or news release to The Brampton News, you assert that you are the author and that you have the copyright to the material you have submitted.  Therefore, The Brampton News will not be held accountable for any illegal use of copyrighted material published.

We reserve the right to not publish an article written in part or as a whole by 'cut-and-pastes' from other articles, research papers, websites, blogs, etc. All editorial decisions are final.

Q7 - How many and how often can I submit articles or news releases?
A.  You can submit as many articles and news releases as you want, as often as you want.  However, we reserve the right to publish no more than one article per writer, per week, and per topic.

Q8 - Will the entire content of my article or news release be posted on the site?
A.  All articles and news releases are subject to approval. We reserve the right to screen, edit and approve any content for placement on the site. We reserve the right to reject any article, for any reason.  Please ensure that your use of grammar, spelling and punctuation are as professional as possible.  All editorial decisions are final.

Q9 - Can I submit a digital image to accompany my article or news release?
A.  Digital images are always welcomed.  We reserve the right to select images for publication.

Q10 - How do I become an author?
A.  To become an author, you will need to register.  To register, visit Become an Author -

Q11 - Do I have to register and 'Become an Author' to submit an article or news release?
A.   Registration is necessary to identify the origin of your submissions. Also, you can use your account to manage your submitted material and profile.

Q12 - I want to submit an article/news release but I want to remain anonymous.  Who do I contact?
A.   Submit your article or news release by email to  Submissions will be reviewed but does not in any way guarantee inclusion on the site.  If included, it will appear as a 'Press Release'. However, you must include your complete contact information with your article, in the event that we have any questions or require clarifications. Articles submitted without contact information will not be considered.

Q13 -  What is the Comment Policy?
1. Anyone may submit a comment.
2. You need to submit a name and email address to post a comment, but we will not disclose the email address.
3. Comments should be limited to 300 characters (approx. 45 words) or less and must be written in English.
4. Users should show courtesy and respect to others; personal attacks, threats, harassment, slurs referring to age, religion, ethnicity, nationality, race, sexual orientation, gender, etc. is not acceptable.
5. All comments are reviewed by the site administrators.
6. All e-mail addresses submitted with comments will be added to the e-newsletter distribution list.
7. We reserve the right to edit, delete or reject any comment without cause or justification.

Q14 -  What is the Disclaimer Policy?
A.  The publisher is not liable for any claims or discrepancies arising from any advertisements, articles, comments and news in this publication. The opinions expressed in this publication are not those of the publisher and are soley those of the respective author.

Registering to become an author FAQs:

Q1 - What is the difference between 'Username' and 'First Name:'/'Last Name:'?
A.   'Username' is used to login to your account.  It is not visible on the website.  'First Name:'/'Last Name:' is the information you want to appear with every article/news release.  It's the "By:" information which appears with every article/release submitted to the site i.e. "By: Jane Doe" or "By: Brampton Media Corp".  It also the name which appears in the 'View Author' area on the site.

Q2 - Do I have to include a biography?  What information should I include?
A.  Yes.  The biography is the organization or club's profile or author's background.  Organizations and clubs may want to include their mission statement, vision for the community, strategic direction, summary of services and general contact information.  The author may want to list his/her experience in his/her given area of expertise and contact details inviting readers to communicate with him/her.  We have the right to edit and revise submitted information.

IMPORTANT:  Include contact telephone number/s (home/work/cell) in your biography so that we can contact you to complete the registration process.

Q2 - Can I submit an active email address and website URL in my biography?

A.  Active website URLs are acceptable.  To avoid spam emails, please do not submit your email address.

Q3 - Do I have to include a picture?
A.  Yes.  When registering for a user account, a picture or logo must be included.  Accounts will not be approved without a picture or logo.  If you are submitting articles or news releases on behalf of your organization or club, submit your logo in place of a personal photo.

Q4 - What happens after I register to become an author?
A.  All registrations are reviewed.  A staff member from The Brampton News will contact you directly to discuss your request to become an author.  You will receive an email notification to either inform you that your account has been approved or disapproved.

Q5 - How soon after I register for an account can I submit an article or news release?
A.  Once you have been notified that your account is approved via email, you may start submitting articles or news releases.  If your account is not approved, you will receive an email notification informing you that your account has been disapproved.