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Student Writings


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» Crossroads
By Student Xpress | Published 05/30/2006 | Student Writings | Unrated

Many years ago, before the power of Powell and
The rise of Rice, racism reigned in the hearts of many.
Humanity stood at a crossroad. Two peoples lived in a manner of confliction. Their existence was at a standstill.

» Castlemore: It's Just Like Any Other City
By Student Xpress | Published 05/29/2006 | Student Writings | Rating:
Living in Castlemore may sound like a dream to many; however if you are attending a school and live there you will hear of the many stereotypes that are said about the residents of Castlemore.
» A DAY AS MOM: Inspired by the Film “FREAKY FRIDAY”
By Student Xpress | Published 05/26/2006 | Student Writings | Unrated
Changing into your parent's body can be insane. You would never know what to do or how to behave. Some people may think it is cool to become their parent, but in reality it could be the most challenging task you would ever have to encounter and experience. Especially when you become the opposite sex!
» Stop having a cow, Man
By Student Xpress | Published 05/24/2006 | Student Writings | Unrated
A poem for the imminent demise of The Simpsons
» Never Again
By Student Xpress | Published 05/22/2006 | Student Writings | Unrated

Never again will there be another,
Who holds my heart so dear.

Never again will I experience such a great love as yours,
So amazingly pure,
So exquisite,
So perfect.

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