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» Organ Donation Hits Home for 170+ Peel Families
By Region of Peel | Published 02/28/2014 | City/Region News , Region of Peel Announcements | Rating:
Brampton - When Josie St. Hilaire's daughter Emily was just four years old, doctors told the family Emily was sick and would need a liver transplant to survive. The Caledon mother got tested immediately, found she was a match and underwent the surgery to donate part of her liver to her daughter.
» 2014 Brampton Business Directory Available
By City of Brampton | Published 02/13/2014 | City/Region News , City of Brampton Announcements | Unrated
Brampton - The City of Brampton’s Economic Development Office has just released the 2014 Brampton Business Directory.
» Brampton Ice Storm Cleanup Update
By City of Brampton | Published 01/26/2014 | City/Region News , City of Brampton Announcements | Unrated
Brampton - The City of Brampton continues to respond to the December ice storm. More than 50,000 trees throughout Brampton sustained significant damage from the December ice storm. The City places a high value on trees, recognizing their environmental, aesthetic and economic value to our city.
» Brampton Fire Dept Starts Fund for Aspiring Firefighters
By City of Brampton | Published 01/17/2014 | City of Brampton Announcements , City/Region News | Unrated
Brampton - Brampton Fire Services has set up the George Hitchcock Memorial Endowment Fund that will provide financial support to those pursuing a career in the fire services.
» City Ice Storm Cleanup Cost Estimated at $51M
By City of Brampton | Published 01/11/2014 | City/Region News , City of Brampton Announcements | Rating:
Brampton - Brampton City Council unanimously voted to request funding from the Government of Ontario through the Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program (ODRAP).

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