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2006 Brampton Municipal Election

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» Peel Police Make Arrest in Sex Assault
By Peel Regional Police | Published 01/21/2009 | 2006 Brampton Municipal Election | Unrated
Brampton - A 14 year-old Brampton boy, whose name cannot be released due to the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, has been arrested and charged in relation to a sexual assault that occurred early last week.
» South Asian Media Groups Congratulate Election Winners
By Surjit Singh Flora | Published 11/21/2006 | 2006 Brampton Municipal Election | Unrated

Brampton – Over twenty South Asian media groups recently held a dinner party for municipal election winners Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell, City Councillor Wards 9 & 10 Vicky Dhillon and Regional Councillor Wards 9 & 10 John Sprovieri.

» Two Brampton residents announce 2010 mayoral intentions
By Nicholas Moreau | Published 11/16/2006 | 2006 Brampton Municipal Election | Unrated
Brampton - With the 2006 Ontario municipal elections out of the way since Monday, the next scheduled for 2010, one would think campaigning was over. However, Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell already has two competitors aiming to take her down in four years time.
» Five new trustees at Dufferin-Peel board
The eleven-member Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board will have five new faces at the board table as a result of the municipal election that took place yesterday.
» Interview with Bill Bousfield, Regional Council candidate for Wards 1 & 5
By Municipal Election 2006 | Published 10/30/2006 | 2006 Brampton Municipal Election | Rating:
Brampton - The upcoming 2006 Brampton municipal election, to be held November 13, features an array of candidates looking to represent their wards in city council or the council of the Peel Region. Among them is Bill Bousfield, who is running for regional council, Wards 1 & 5.

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