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» Organize and Prioritize to Keep Employee Productivity High During the G-20 Summit
By Karen Sencich | Published 06/20/2010 | Business & Finance | Unrated
Brampton - Faced with finding alternatives for keeping their businesses open during the upcoming G-20 Summit many business owners are grumbling about the inconvenience.  To ease the frustration, Professional Organizer Karen Sencich offers the Top Ten Tips to help business owners harness employee productivity throughout the upheaval.
» The Power Networking Group Summer Social
By Business Notes | Published 06/12/2010 | Business & Finance | Unrated
Brampton - A sizzling summer business networking opportunity is coming to Brampton for those looking to make new connections.  The Summer Social lunch meeting will be on Thursday, July 29th from 11:00 a.m. until 1:15 p.m.  A portion of the luncheon proceeds will be donated to help to support Wellspring programs.
» The Buyer
By Gordon Newman | Published 06/6/2010 | Business & Finance | Rating:
Brampton - During a recent visit to a grocery store I observed a shopper carefully assessing each package of blueberries and strawberries the store had on sale. Many were picked up and replaced on the shelf until two of each were selected and placed in the shopping cart. Not an uncommon experience I am sure.
» Blue Giantís Corporate Website Is Now Searchable
By Business Notes | Published 06/6/2010 | Business & Finance | Rating:
Brampton - Blue Giant Equipment Corporation's website is evolving at an exponential rate. New product development and company participation in a growing number of initiatives has inflated the content of the company's website to such a degree that marketing manager Mike Poeltl implemented an internal search engine to help visitors find information more quickly.
» Can Collection Team is Growing
By Business Notes | Published 06/2/2010 | Business & Finance | Rating:
Brampton - On Friday June 4th at 1:30PM at the Brampton Ford Distribution Facility, 8000 Dixie Rd., Dave Champagne, President of CAW Local 584, will announce a partnership with James Young, JEY Enterprises, to help in his quest to collect 150 million aluminum beverage cans. The money received from recycling the cans will help fund the building of houses by Habitat for Humanity Brampton.

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