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» What did you learn today?
By Gordon Newman | Published 12/19/2010 | Business & Finance | Rating:
Brampton - A student comes home from school. One of the first thing we the parent says "What did you learn today?" Sound familiar? Generally we hear: "Nothing". Not exactly a correct answer but one the student believes is correct from his or her perspective.
» Change
By Gordon Newman | Published 11/14/2010 | Business & Finance | Unrated
Brampton - Drive into the country anywhere and you will see a multitude of coloured leaves. Some a brilliant yellow/gold, others more in the red line. Still other trees are totally barren. Truly the fall season experience of is all around us.
» Harper Government Launches New Private Sector Committee to Advise Government on Small Business Growth
By Government Notes | Published 10/11/2010 | Business & Finance | Unrated
Ottawa - The Honourable Rob Moore, Minister of State (Small Business and Tourism), announced on September 30, 2010 the launch of a private sector committee. This new committee will provide advice to the Government of Canada on a wide range of issues of importance to small and medium-sized businesses, such as reducing red tape and improving access to federal programs and information.
» Itís Easy
By Gordon Newman | Published 10/3/2010 | Business & Finance | Rating:
Brampton - "It's easy you'll catch on in no time." Ever heard these words from a co-worker when starting a new job or new role? More importantly, can you recall using these words or words very similar to a new employee in your area?
» FREE Tax Seminar
By Business Notes | Published 09/12/2010 | Business & Finance | Rating:
Brampton – FREE Tax Seminar on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. What you learn can help you: pay less tax, benefit from proper HST accounting, take all deductions your small business is allowed, know all independent contractor deductions and avoid an audit. Register today!

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