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» List of Fuel-Efficient Vehicles for 2007
By Automotive News & Tips | Published 02/15/2007 | Automotive | Unrated
Shopping for a new vehicle that saves money on fuel and also helps the environment just got easier.  The Natural Resources Canada's 2007 Fuel Consumption Guide and the 2007 EnerGuide winners for the most fuel-efficient new vehicles sold in Canada have been released.
» Valentine's Day Turns "Green"
By Automotive News & Tips | Published 02/13/2007 | Automotive | Rating:
Sixteen GTA florists will be driving green while delivering their greens this Valentine's Day. Several GTA florists, including 3 Brampton florists, are delivering their flowers in a fuel-efficient, green-minded vehicle, the Saturn VUE Green Line hybrid.
» Chill Out And Drive Safely This Winter
By Government Notes | Published 12/8/2006 | Automotive | Rating:
Ontario - Winter is almost here, and with it, icy roads and blowing snow.  To make sure motorists arrive safely to their destinations, Transportation Minister Donna Cansfield offers some simple winter driving tips.
» "Be patient be prepared!" this Labour Day Weekend
By Law Enforcement | Published 09/1/2006 | Automotive | Unrated
The Ontario Provincial Police reminds motorists that the Labour Day Weekend is typically one of the busiest long weekends of the year.
» Helping Aging Drivers
By Automotive News & Tips | Published 07/10/2006 | Automotive | Unrated
The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) launched 'Helping Aging Drivers' an interactive web site aimed at senior drivers and their families.

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