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» Exciting New Music Opportunity For Youth
By Brampton Music Scene | Published 09/13/2012 | Community News , Arts & Entertainment | Rating:
Brampton - The City of Brampton Concert Band is pleased to offer a new music opportunity for Brampton, aimed at supporting our youth and helping them grow in the musical arts, in which they will enrich their musical growth under strong musical leadership, with challenging and wide-ranging music selections, varied performance opportunities and unique learning experiences through special guests and projects.
» Peel Heritage Complex Welcomes New Staff
By Peel Heritage Complex | Published 11/23/2011 | Arts & Entertainment | Rating:
Brampton – The Peel Heritage Complex (PHC) is expanding again, this time with the addition of two new staff.  The PHC is pleased to welcome Marty Brent as the Supervisor of Museum and Archives, and Judy Daley, as the Curator of Art Gallery and Education Services.

» Coffee House Jam Night 2011
By Erica Salvalaggio | Published 10/29/2011 | Arts & Entertainment | Rating:
Brampton - Saint Marguerite d’Youville students channeled the 80s as the theme of their 6th Annual Coffee House Jam Night.
» “A History of Music” From Bach to The Beatles
By Brampton Music Scene | Published 09/16/2011 | Arts & Entertainment | Unrated
Brampton - The City of Brampton Concert Band launches its 2011/2012 Concert Series with a gala concert entitled “A History of Music: From Bach to the Beatles” at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday October 22, 2011 at the Rose Theatre. On behalf of our music director, Darryl Eaton, we invite you to an entertaining and evocative evening as we trace the story of music from its origins to the present day. As we launch our new concert series, we invite everyone to attend a small reception beginning at 7:00pm as our expression of thanks for your support.
» A Chorus Line - Affirming Our True Loves
By Erica Salvalaggio | Published 07/29/2011 | Arts & Entertainment | Unrated
Brampton - Reminders of the struggle to “make it” within society while still doing what we love and following our dreams lie at the heart of nearly every scene in the Rose Theatre Brampton’s production of “A Chorus Line”. Anger, fear, sadness, sarcasm, and confusion are only a few of the feelings and emotions evoked by the characters whose talent crafts an illustration of life that everyone can relate to.

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