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Elaine Moore, Regional Councillor, Wards 1 & 5

Long-time resident of Brampton, Elaine Moore has served Brampton for the past 17 years as a Public School Board Trustee for Wards 1 & 3 for 11 years, then as a City Councillor for Ward 1 for one term, and is nearing the end of her first term as the Regional Councillor for Wards 1 & 5.  As City Councillor, Elaine spearheaded the City of Brampton vision policy "Six Pillars Strategic Plan" which details Brampton's accountability to its residents as well as provides the foundation for the City's future growth. Elaine is a tireless advocate for redevelopment & revitalization in the downtown core, as well as the Queen Street corridor through the BDBA, and the newly formed Brampton Downtown Development Corporation (the first of its kind in the GTA). She has also worked closely with City staff and outside consultants with the creation of the beautiful downtown Rose Theatre whose grand opening occurs September 2006.  Elaine currently chairs the Region of Peel's Public Waste Committee, is past chair for their Planning Committee, and sits on the TRCA, Success by Six, IMET (which joins Peel Police, City By-Law & Fire enforcement staff). Elaine sits on all standing city committees, and is a member of the Historic Bovaird House, Clean City Committee & the Rose Club.  

For frequent updates, visit Elaine Moore for more information.
Articles by this Author
» City Hall Expansion + Private Investment = Downtown Revitalization = Lower Taxes
Brampton - Expanding your City Hall is good business and, as your Councillors, we would like to highlight the reasons why investing in this project not only supports the Downtown revitalization vision of all of Council, it also actively promotes the intensification needed to keep the momentum created when City Council made the decision to build our beautiful Rose Theatre.
» Preserving The Vision
Brampton - In addition to being the 'heart' of a community, a prosperous downtown brings an important economic balance to a successful city.
» ‘Smart Growth’ And Intensification…What Does It Really Mean?
By Elaine Moore, Regional Councillor, Wards 1 & 5 | Published 09/26/2006 | City/Region News | Unrated
Brampton - "Smart Growth" is a phrase used a great deal by planning professionals, provincial officials and the media. "Many people have equated 'smart growth' with 'no growth' across the city," says City Councillor Grant Gibson, "when in fact it is not that at all."
» Main Street North Revitalization
By Elaine Moore, Regional Councillor, Wards 1 & 5 | Published 09/19/2006 | City/Region News | Unrated
Brampton - Plans to extend the historic downtown north to Vodden Street are already underway as new street lighting and core infrastructure are upgraded and replaced.
» The Orangeville-Brampton Railway… All Aboard!
By Elaine Moore, Regional Councillor, Wards 1 & 5 | Published 09/12/2006 | City/Region News | Rating:
Brampton - The distinct possibility that Brampton's downtown might become a terminal for a popular tourist train through the Forks of The Credit remains under serious consideration.
» Traffic Congestion…How We Manage
Brampton - Traffic congestion remains one of Brampton's biggest challenges according to the Environics survey conducted annually by the city. The combination of new growth, increased reliance on cars and ongoing road work has led to a rise in the level of frustration among the city's drivers.