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Canadian Blood Services

Canadian Blood Services is a national, not-for-profit charitable organization that manages the blood supply in all provinces and territories outside of Quebec and oversees the country's Unrelated Bone Marrow Donor Registry. A dedicated team of about 4,800 staff and 17,000 volunteers enable us to operate 40 permanent collection sites and more than 20,000 donor clinics annually. Canadian Blood Services is a non-governmental organization, however the Provincial and Territorial Ministers of Health provide operational funding, and the federal government, through Health Canada, is responsible for regulating the blood system. For more information, please call 1-888-2-DONATE (1-888-236-6283).

For frequent updates, visit Canadian Blood Services for more information.
Articles by this Author
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» More miracle workers needed before end of 2012
By Canadian Blood Services | Published 12/21/2012 | Community News | Rating:
Brampton - As we approach the Christmas holiday and turn the page on another year, Canadian Blood Services is asking eligible Canadians to “GIVE A HOLIDAY MIRACLE” by donating blood during the days around Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
» Siren Call for Police, Fire and Paramedics
By Canadian Blood Services | Published 07/10/2011 | Health & Wellness | Rating:
Brampton - It's a rallying cry that police, fire and paramedic services are the first to respond to. The three branches of emergency services are pumping up for this year's Sirens for Life campaign, an annual battle that gets a little bloody and, in so doing, saves a lot of lives. In partnership with Canadian Blood Services, this year's emergency services blood donor challenge runs from July 1st to Sept. 5th as the three branches compete to donate the most blood. Although the competition for bragging rights is friendly, every police, fire or EMS worker knows the importance of blood.
» Lend an Arm for Patients this Winter
By Canadian Blood Services | Published 01/30/2011 | Community News | Rating:
You may have always thought about giving blood.It may even be a promise you made to yourself long ago. Well, now is the time to hold true to that promise. Canadian Blood Services is encouraging you to give back to your community this season. Donate blood and help save lives.  In January and February, we forecast that we will need nearly 26,000 units of blood in Central Ontario to help meet the needs of patients and hospitals in the region.
» Donate blood this holiday season
By Canadian Blood Services | Published 12/19/2010 | Community News , Health & Wellness | Rating:
Brampton - Wrap yourself in red this holiday season and give something that can't be bought from a store. Donate blood. It's the gift that someone truly needs.
» Ontario Khalsa Urges South Asian Community to Get Swabbed
By Canadian Blood Services | Published 12/5/2010 | Community News | Rating:
Mississauga - Like any 14-year-old boy, Noor Deol would love to go out and play a game of street hockey with his friends, but he can't. The Brampton teen is battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and is in dire need of a stem cell transplant to help save his life.
» Police, Fire, Paramedics go arm-to-arm to save lives
By Canadian Blood Services | Published 08/2/2010 | Health & Wellness | Unrated
Brampton - Police, fire, and paramedic services are pumping up and getting a little bloody as they launch Sirens for Life, an annual battle with a life-saving goal. In partnership with Canadian Blood Services, the annual emergency services blood donor challenge runs from July 1 to Sept. 6 as the three branches compete to donate the most blood.
» Young Blood Wanted
By Canadian Blood Services | Published 06/13/2010 | Health & Wellness | Rating:
Brampton - Canadian Blood Services is celebrating National Blood Donor Week from June 14 – 20 by saying "thank you" to 423,000 donors who keep our blood system strong and encouraging more people to donate blood and save lives.
» Brampton Residents Urged to Donate Blood
By Canadian Blood Services | Published 11/23/2009 | Health & Wellness | Unrated
Brampton – Canadian Blood Services is asking Brampton residents to donate blood in the coming weeks. Donors are reminded that while they can still donate if they have received a flu vaccine, they need to wait two days after the shot before donating blood.
» Share your health this Thanksgiving
By Canadian Blood Services | Published 09/28/2009 | Health & Wellness | Unrated
Brampton - This Thanksgiving month, ask yourself: "Have I given blood in the past year?" If you haven't, and you can, please call 1-888-2-DONATE (1-888-236-6283) to book an appointment today.
» Donate Blood before Summer Rush
By Canadian Blood Services | Published 05/20/2009 | Community News , Health & Wellness | Rating:
Brampton - June is the National Blood Donor Month, June 8th to 14th is National Blood Donor Week and as Canadians gear up for summer, Canadian Blood Services reminds everyone this is the perfect time to donate blood before the annual vacation rush strikes.
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