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Brampton Board of Trade

Since 1887, The Brampton Board of Trade has served the needs of Brampton's business community. Whether a home-based operation or a large multi-national company, we are here to represent you. We identify issues and lobby all levels of government on your behalf and that of the Brampton Business community. Our members include: small businesses, corporate executives, public officials, community organizations, consultants, engineers...and the list goes on. Call us at 905.451.1122

For frequent updates, visit Brampton Board of Trade for more information.
Articles by this Author
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» BBoT Santa Claus Parade Participant Seminar
By Brampton Board of Trade | Published 07/31/2008 | Business & Finance | Rating:
Brampton - The Brampton Board of Trade Santa Parade Committee is gearing up for Santa's arrival now. The last chance to get an application to participate is at the final Parade Participation Seminar – final one of two offered – on Tuesday, August 11th, 2008.
» Brampton Board of Trade CEO leaving
By Brampton Board of Trade | Published 07/10/2008 | Business & Finance | Rating:
Brampton - The Brampton Board of Trade announced today that Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon Leiba, has tendered his resignation, effective July 25, to take on the role as President and CEO of the Mississauga Board of Trade.
» Carman McClelland is new BBoT President
By Brampton Board of Trade | Published 07/8/2008 | Business & Finance | Rating:
Brampton - The Brampton Board of Trade is pleased to introduce its new President, Carman McClelland of McClelland Law, A Professional Corporation.
» Brampton Board of Trade Receives Advocacy Award
By Brampton Board of Trade | Published 05/18/2008 | Business & Finance | Unrated
Oshawa - The Brampton Board of Trade (BBOT) has received provincial recognition for its "Save our Hospital Campaign" with an Advocacy Award from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.
» BBoT hosting Job Fair targeted to Newcomers
By Brampton Board of Trade | Published 05/17/2008 | Community News , Employment Assistance | Rating:
Brampton - The Brampton Board of Trade will be hosting its 2nd Annual Job Fair on Wednesday, May 21, 2008 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Select Brampton, 30 Peel Centre Drive, Brampton.
» Identity Theft and Protecting Your Business
By Brampton Board of Trade | Published 05/15/2008 | Business & Finance | Unrated
Brampton - Identity theft is one of the most prevalent crimes around and it's one of the most misunderstood. Identity theft isn't credit card theft – it's much, much more.  Find out what you can do to protect yourself and your business.
» SBEC celebrates 10 years in business
By Brampton Board of Trade | Published 05/9/2008 | Business & Finance | Rating:

Brampton - Brampton's Small Business Enterprise Centre (SBEC) has been helping fledgling businesses for a decade and last month they celebrated the milestone.

» BBOT Hospital Fundraising Week
By Brampton Board of Trade | Published 04/25/2008 | Community News | Unrated
Brampton - May 5-9, 2008 is Brampton Civic Hospital Fundraising Campaign Week.  The Brampton Board of Trade, Brampton's leading business association, has launched a $50,000 fundraising campaign for the Brampton Civic Hospital to support the Outpatient Oncology area of the new hospital.
» Thrive or Struggle? Discover the Keys to Business Success
By Brampton Board of Trade | Published 04/8/2008 | Business & Finance | Unrated
Brampton - What makes the difference between ventures that thrive and ventures that struggle to get ahead? Attend this workshop for a checklist of keys to success that your company can implement to make a difference this fiscal year.
» BBOT “VIVA Las Vegas” President's Gala
By Brampton Board of Trade | Published 03/28/2008 | Business & Finance | Unrated
Bramtpon - The Brampton Board of Trade is bringing the Entertainment Capital of the World to Brampton on Friday April 11, for its annual President's Gala at the Mississauga Convention Centre, sponsored by RBC Royal Bank.
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