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Family Notes

Useful information for today's family on parenting techniques, child safety, special children's services, education, daycare and more.
Articles by this Author
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» Summer Camp at Kidnetix!!
By Family Notes | Published 04/24/2008 | Home & Family | Unrated
Brampton - Looking for the perfect summer camp?  Don't wait until it's too late, choosing the right camp is a big decision for Campers and Parents. At Kamp Kidnetix every camper is engaged and challenged to reach their full potential!
» The Parent's Outdoor Play Checklist
By Family Notes | Published 07/25/2007 | Home & Family | Unrated
Toronto - On a typical summer day, parents may find themselves participating in more activities with their kids.  Invest in Kids experts have provided parents with tips to help keep youngsters safer throughout the summer, while sharing memorable outdoor moments together.
» Enjoying Summer with Your Preschooler
By Family Notes | Published 06/21/2007 | Home & Family | Rating:

Toronto - The Comfort, Play & Teach Summer Activity Guide at Invest in Kids offers parents and children nine weeks of family fun by providing parents with ninety ways to enjoy this summer break with their preschooler.

» Positive Parenting on Fatherís Day
By Family Notes | Published 06/13/2007 | Home & Family | Unrated
Toronto - Father's Day reminds us how important dads are in the lives of young children. Research has shown over and over again that fathers have a positive impact on a child's social, emotional and intellectual development.
» Raising An Earth-Friendly Child
By Family Notes | Published 04/17/2007 | Home & Family | Rating:
Wacky weather, the extinction of animals and pollution all remind us that the Earth needs help. Earth Day is approaching, reminding parents that it's never too early to encourage a child's appreciation and understanding of our planet.
» 2007 Summer Camp at Tall Pines School
By Family Notes | Published 04/13/2007 | Home & Family | Rating:
Brampton - Applications are now available for the 2007 Summer Camp at Tall Pines School: Montessori Toddler (from age 18 months), Montessori Casa (Age 3 to 6), Academic/Thematic (Age 6 to 12) and Sports Camp (Ages 6 to 12).
» The Gift of Language
By Family Notes | Published 03/20/2007 | Home & Family | Rating:
This week Canadians celebrate the National Francophonie Week and on March 20 Francophones around the world will celebrate the International Day of Francophonie.  Invest in Kids has several suggestions for parents to use to help their child become bilingual or even multilingual.
» Beneficial Living & Wellness
By Family Notes | Published 11/28/2006 | Home & Family | Unrated
Amidst the festivities and joy that surround the holiday season, there is also a sense of melancholy and despair for so many of us who have faced the loss of a loved one.
» Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB)
By Family Notes | Published 09/16/2006 | Home & Family | Unrated

The Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) came into effect on July 1, 2006. It is a new federal initiative that provides direct financial assistance to parents on behalf of children under the age of 6.  The benefit is paid in installments of $100 per month per child ($1,200 per year).

» Finding fire-safe student accommodation
By Family Notes | Published 08/24/2006 | Home & Family | Unrated
Parents have many issues to consider when seeking suitable accommodation for a daughter or son attending college or university. The following information will help to determine if potential accommodation make the grade when it comes to fire safety.
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