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Tech Notes

Read interesting information and news releases on computers and related technical areas from various sources.
Articles by this Author
» Top 10 Security Threats for 2007
By Tech Notes | Published 12/22/2006 | Computers & Tech | Unrated

Expect more junk email, Phishing attacks and malware from cyber criminals, say Avert Labs researchers, who to date have identified 217,000 known threats to your computing, files and identity. In random order, here's what they predict for the next 12 months:

» Netiquette 101 for new Netizens
By Tech Notes | Published 07/9/2006 | Computers & Tech | Rating:
Surfing the Internet can be fun, useful, and social for both adults and kids. But it's important for all new Internet citizens, also called netizens, to remember that there are other surfers out there. And, like real surfing or any other public activity, there are implied rules of behavior or etiquette to follow.
» Helping kids tell fact from opinion on the Internet
By Tech Notes | Published 07/1/2006 | Computers & Tech | Rating:
The Internet offers tremendous resources and learning opportunities, but it also contains a great deal of information that may be neither helpful nor reliable.
» 10 things you can teach kids to improve their Web safety
By Tech Notes | Published 06/15/2006 | Computers & Tech | Unrated
The Internet can be a great place for kids to learn, be entertained, chat with friends from school, and simply relax and explore. But just like the real world, the World Wide Web can be dangerous for kids.
» Are your kids addicted to the Internet?
By Tech Notes | Published 05/27/2006 | Computers & Tech | Rating:
The amount of time kids spend online is a source of frustration for many parents. Initially, parents welcomed the Internet into their homes, believing they were opening up an exciting new world of educational opportunities for their children.