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Claireville Community Stewardship Project

The Claireville Community Stewardship Project (CCSP) provides neighbours of 'Claireville' with an outdoor classroom filled with fun opportunities to learn about nature and to protect and enhance the local environment.  With Claireville Conservation Area near-by, residents of the City of Brampton and surrounding area are guaranteed a piece of nature in their backyard. For more information, call
416-661-6600 ext 5581, email or visit
Articles by this Author
» Ontario Stewardship Ranger at Claireville
By Claireville Community Stewardship Project | Published 09/11/2007 | Community News | Unrated
Brampton - A group of youth participated in the Ontario Stewardship Ranger program this summer at the Claireville Conservation Area.  The Rangers completed a variety of projects including cattail transplants and aquatic plantings, installing bird and fish habitat and more.
» Claireville Family Fishing Festival a Success!
By Claireville Community Stewardship Project | Published 07/19/2007 | Community News | Unrated
Brampton - The first annual Claireville Family Fishing Festival, held at Indian Line Campground this past Saturday July 14, was a hit as over 100 local residents came out to try their luck and skill at the Claireville Reservoir.  Every family went home a winner!