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Region of Peel

The Region of Peel delivers a wide range of programs and services to more than one million citizens every day. This includes ambulance services, public health, long-term care, child care, waste collection, recycling and disposal, water and wastewater services, Regional road construction and maintenance, social assistance and affordable rental housing. Regional Headquarters are located at 10 Peel Centre Dr., Brampton, ON. Phone Number: 905-791-7800. 

For frequent updates, visit Region of Peel for more information.
Articles by this Author
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» Peel Region Continues to Support Earth Hour
By Region of Peel | Published 03/21/2013 | Region of Peel Announcements | Unrated

Brampton - On March 23, from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m., the Region of Peel will join governments, businesses and residents around the world to support Earth Hour. Regional facilities will participate by switching off their lights for one hour, where safe and appropriate. Peel residents are also encouraged to participate in this initiative that supports environmental stewardship.

» Have Your Say on Housing and Homelessness
By Region of Peel | Published 03/11/2013 | Region of Peel Announcements | Unrated
Brampton - The community will play an important role in deciding how the Region should plan and manage housing and homelessness services in Peel.
» CGAs Offer Free Tax Prep for the Low Income
By Region of Peel | Published 03/2/2013 | Region of Peel Announcements | Unrated
Brampton - The Region of Peel’s Human Services department is partnering with the Certified General Accountants (CGA) of Ontario, Peel Chapter, once again this year to offer free income tax preparation services for low income individuals and families.
» Waste Management Guide Coming to Your Home
By Region of Peel | Published 02/28/2013 | Region of Peel Announcements | Rating:
Brampton - The 2013/2014 Waste Management Guide will be delivered to Peel households that receive curbside waste collection services beginning March 4, 2013. A separate guide, specific to the waste disposal needs of apartments and condominiums will be delivered in the spring.
» Region of Peel Passes Outdoor Smoking By-law
By Region of Peel | Published 02/23/2013 | Region of Peel Announcements | Rating:
Brampton - Regional Council unanimously passed a by-law preventing smoking outdoors within nine metres (30 feet) of municipally-owned building entrances and exits and within nine metres of the perimeter of playgrounds, sports fields, parks and outdoor recreation areas in Peel.
» Family Day Holiday Service Hours
By Region of Peel | Published 02/18/2013 | Region of Peel Announcements | Unrated
Brampton - Region of Peel offices and non-emergency services will be closed for Family Day on Monday, Feb. 18.
» Accessibility Plan Receives Endorsement from Peel
By Region of Peel | Published 01/20/2013 | Region of Peel Announcements | Rating:
Brampton - Peel Regional Council has approved the Region of Peel’s first Multi-Year Accessibility Plan. In addition to detailing the Region’s accessibility plans for the next five years, the document outlines the Region’s commitment that its services, programs and facilities become barrier-free by 2025.
» Peel's Tanning By-Law In Effect January 1
By Region of Peel | Published 01/5/2013 | Region of Peel Announcements | Unrated
Brampton - A by-law preventing persons under 18 years of age from using commercial tanning equipment in the Region of Peel took effect on January 1, 2013. Operators of indoor tanning equipment have been provided with signs, education and information to support implementation of the by-law in their facilities starting in the 2013.
» Paramedics Deliver Gifts to Peel Children’s Centre
By Region of Peel | Published 12/23/2012 | Region of Peel Announcements | Unrated
Brampton - On December 19, Peel Paramedics in ambulances loaded with toys and diapers pulled in to Peel Children’s Centre (PCC). Staff at PCC were happy to unload the many gifts that were donated for the children and youth of the centre.
» Christmas and New Year's Holiday Waste Collection
By Region of Peel | Published 12/22/2012 | Region of Peel Announcements | Unrated
Brampton - During the weeks of Dec. 24 and Dec. 31, Brampton and Mississauga residents are advised that the waste collection schedule has changed due to the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.
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