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2824 Army Cadets

2824 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps (RCACC), Cadet Organization Police School (COPS) was named as the top army cadet corps in Ontario in 2009, and is sponsored by the Canadian Forces, the Army Cadet League of Ontario and Peel Regional Police. The cadet program is co-ed for 12 to 18 year-olds and provides training opportunities in leadership, citizenship and physical fitness; given that most cities host a cadet corps within their municipal boundaries, there are over 50, 000 cadet participants nation wide. Visit for additional information.

Applicants may select one of three training locations:

Alpha – South Mississauga - Queen of Heaven Elementary School 1198 Alexandra Avenue

Bravo – North MississaugaEmilKolbTrainingBuilding - Peel Police – 180 Derry Road

Charlie – West MississaugaMeadowvaleSecondary School6700 Edenwood Drive

Additional information can be obtained through the following methods:

Phone: 905-453-2121, ext 3890 (Major David Kennedy)
Email: or Web or YouTube

Public Affairs Officer: Captain John Daly, CD, CMO

Articles by this Author
» Army Cadets meet the Prime Minister
By 2824 Army Cadets | Published 11/22/2009 | Community News | Unrated
Peel - Company Sergeant Major (CSM) Jamie Wallace of Brampton, 2824 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps had the pleasure of meeting Prime Minister Stephen Harper, The Honourable David C. Onley, and Premier McGuinty at the at the True Patriot Love Foundation inaugural gala dinner.
» At age 17, his last step was the biggest!
By 2824 Army Cadets | Published 11/3/2009 | Community News | Rating:
Peel - At just 17 years of age, Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) and Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) Zac Lanoue has seen the world – from 1,250 feet.
» Adventure with Friends Good Combination!
By 2824 Army Cadets | Published 10/23/2009 | Community News | Rating:
Peel - There's an old saying that nothing is for free, and that's true in some circles. However, Army Cadets is free of monetary cost, but it will cost you in dedication and willingness to learn how to be a leader, to be physically fit and what it means to be an active participant in your community - not a bad trade-off.
» Lunch with the Minister of Defence
By 2824 Army Cadets | Published 10/7/2009 | Community News | Rating:
Peel - It's not very often that our youth can apologize to their high school friends for not joining them in their daily lunch ritual as they have plans with Don Cherry and the Minister of National Defence, Peter McKay; however in this instance, the apology was well worth it.
» Cadets Raise $24,000
By 2824 Army Cadets | Published 10/4/2009 | Community News | Rating:
Peel - 2824 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps would like to thank residents in the Region of Peel for their generous donations during the cadet unit's recent fundraising event held 24-27 September 2009. 
» Army Cadet Recruiting Drive
By 2824 Army Cadets | Published 09/20/2009 | Community News | Rating:
Mississauga - 2824 Army Cadets / Cadet Organization Police School (COPS), Ontario's award winning Army Cadet program launched its 2009-2010 recruiting drive on September 14, 2009.