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Home Sense

Articles and advertorials on homemaking, decorating, gardening, homebuilding and more.
Articles by this Author
» Renovation Realities
By Home Sense | Published 07/12/2009 | Real Estate , Home & Family | Rating:
Brampton - If you've turned on the TV lately you have probably seen enough reality shows to know how quickly things can go wrong. Home renovations don't have to be a disaster; with enough awareness, planning and preparation you can be well on your way to a happy home.
» Redesign Redefines Recycling
By Home Sense | Published 09/4/2008 | Home & Family | Rating:
Brampton - In a world where recycling conjures up images of blue boxes, green symbols and the fear of global warming, one woman is putting a more decorative spin on the recyclingconcept.
» DecoDoc Home Staging
By Home Sense | Published 06/26/2007 | Home & Family | Unrated
Brampton - DecoDoc Home Staging has joined forces with Rees Renovations to create a one-stop home staging service accomplished for you on a realistic budget. Studies show staged homes sell three times faster and for about 5% more than similar non-staged houses.
» At RKDz our passion is your euphoria!
By Home Sense | Published 06/15/2007 | Home & Family | Rating:
Brampton - Great workmanship, a metaphor of RKDz. That is what to expect from a company that strives on quality. With over ten years experience co-ordinating residential and commercial projects, we guarantee your space will become a showplace without giving up the feeling of comfort.
» My Splash Pro & Glow Soy Candles
By Home Sense | Published 06/13/2007 | Home & Family | Unrated

Gloria Ramsay is an independent distributor of Scent-Sations -- the little company where you can dream BIG dreams.  Our exclusive product line includes: Candles, Mia Bella's Car Air Fresheners and Bath & Body Products.

» MapleTree Hill Soy Candles & More
By Home Sense | Published 04/10/2007 | Home & Family | Rating:
MapleTree Hill specializes in hand poured soy candles.  We also carry natural bath and body products for the whole family.  We have always been lovers of candles.  Once introduced to soy candles we were hooked!  Longer lasting, environmentally friendly and they smell great!
» Kimberlee Cook is an Award Winning Agent!
By Home Sense | Published 02/6/2007 | Home & Family | Unrated
Brampton - "The difference between a professional and one that is not, could mean your happiness and satisfaction with the sale or purchase of your home.  Not to mention thousands of dollars in or out of your pocket!" states Kimberlee Cook. 
» Unique artifacts from Myanmar
By Home Sense | Published 11/21/2006 | Home & Family | Rating:
Brampton - Mya Yadanar is a family business initiated out of a love for Myanmar Arts and Culture.