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Youth "megajail" in Brampton
By Municipal Election 2006 | Published  10/30/2006 | 2006 Brampton Municipal Election | Rating:
Municipal Election 2006
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AN OPEN LETTER to all Candidates in the 2006 Brampton Municipal Election

Dear Candidates,

The Ontario Government has committed 81.1 Million Dollars to building a youth "megajail" in Brampton.  This jail will be located at Queen and McLaughlin.  This new jail concerns me as a young person living in Brampton.

I do not want Brampton to be known as the place as where young people go to jail.  This new jail which will hold about 200 young people goes against the Meffe inquest which says that new youth facilities should be constructed as small stand alone facilities throughout the GTA. David Meffe was a young person who killed himself in a youth jail because of violence he endured in that facility.  Why is the provincial government not following these recommendations?

Meanwhile, my school Board has a 16.5 million dollar deficit.  So why is the provincial government spending 81.1 million dollars on putting young people behind bars? Why are the McGuinty Liberals spending $1500 dollars a day to pay the man given the task of cutting millions of dollars in programs and staff in the Board?

I think our municipal and regional representatives should take a stand against this jail.  Young people need to be invested in.  We need healthy communities.  Brampton does not need this jail.  I would like to know what our municipal representatives will do to stop construction of this jail.  They are planning to open this jail in 2007 – so we need immediate action!  Brampton needs to stand up to the province and say that this megajail does not belong in Brampton.

Blayne Clarke
Resident of Brampton

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Lorrie)
    The reply to the megajail is correct. How come Mississauga or Caledon or Woodbridge didn't get it? Maybe they were asked and they said NO. It is something as the citizens of Brampton we should be looking into? Do we just accept anything that will make City Council more money so they can up their paychecks? Next, maybe Brampton will be a place for everyone to dump their Garbage. We still have a lot of empty fields in this town.
  • Comment #2 (Posted by david)
    I agree with this article and i wish citizens could ask these same questions on why 81 million is being spent on a jail for youth, meanwhile the school board has a 16 million dollar deficit. Open your eyes and see what this government is really doing in terms of helping us......NOTHING....its deeper then politics.
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