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Community Star of the Week: Daniel
By Community Stars | Published  10/5/2006 | Community Stars | Rating:
Community Stars
The Brampton News honours members of the Brampton community who deserve recognition for their academic excellence, sportsmanship, noteworthy leadership or genuine caring and citizenship. Nominated persons will have the opportunity to appear on The Brampton News and websites as well as in the e-Newsletter. 

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Daniel – resident of Brampton

Daniel has been working for St. Marguerite D'Youville Parish for some time and has always supported many social justice initiatives, as well his most important achievement was the charity he created and developed for children of the Dominican Republic and raised over $8,000. The money went to children to enable them to attend school and buy them school supplies.He gave homilies at mass, and at his age that is amazing. He also writes for the school newspaper. He is a great person with a big heart for kids. He is a young person with a great future and should be recognized.

Submitted by:  Lou Dodaro - Principal


Daniel has been an outstanding example for other young people in the Brampton community through his initiative titled ACCESS Dominican Republic. After traveling to the Dominican Republic earlier this year, Daniel came back to Canada with a desire to help severely underfunded, impoverished children acquire the materials to assist in obtaining a better education. Through his local Parish, Daniel solicited donations and advocated on behalf of these children.  As a result, thousands of dollars worth of funds and supplies were sent to the Dominican Republic. Daniel is a model student and a model activist!

Submitted by: Patrick Marcolla - Teacher


Daniel is an amazing Youth. I taught him for two years (grades 7 & 8 French). He always showed determination and motivation in whatever he did. He always strived to do better. He never did anything 'half-way'.  He went to the Dominican Republic in January and was genuinely touched by the experience, seeing the poverty of the people, especially the children who had no means of getting an education. Daniel immediately set out to start his own charity-which became ACCESS. I'll never forget the first e-mail he sent me with his ideas. I knew that if any young person could make something like this work, it would be Daniel. He has the drive and amazing faith. ACCESS accepts monetary and material donations for the impoverished children of the Dominican Republic, so they have a chance at an education. I am SO proud of Daniel! His charity has been such a success! He has gone to schools, churches and even our Board office (with his incredible and poignant PowerPoint presentation) to heighten awareness of these sad circumstances. All this has been voluntary, on his own time. He is a role model for all young people!

Submitted by: Giovanna Varano - Teacher


Daniel is a student at a school in Brampton. Last year he participated in a Dominican Republic student experience where students were housed in the Barios of the country with local families. The focus was to show the students how the poor of this tourist nation survived. The experience touched the students in many ways. Typically students return with much enthusiasm about how they could help the families that boarded them and the people around them. Usually it manifests in fund raisers and other related events which allows them to act on their need to help. However over time as the pressures of school and general life progresses their enthusiasm fades with their support. Daniel is special in this respect. Upon his return he considered the possibility of this support fading and tried to develop something that would be more lasting. As a result, at 15 years old, he decided to register a charity and build and web site to support the charity. Since then he has presented at his local church about his experience replacing the sermon that week. He has also presented the board of trustees at the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board. Daniel, now 16, is looking for a permanent home for his web site and is pursuing more avenues to support this charity.

His charity is called A.C.C.E.S.S - Allowing Children a Chance at Education with School Supplies.

Submitted by: Peter Fujiwara - Teacher

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  • Comment #1 (Posted by M)
    It's great to see that young people in our local community are doing something positive in this world; Daniel should be an example for all to follow!!! Bravo
  • Comment #2 (Posted by Mary Felix)
    Daniel is a shining example for us all.

  • Comment #3 (Posted by D. Lewis)
    It's so wonderful to read about Daniel - he is hope personified in a world filled with self gratification and self-centredness. Daniel, you make Brampton proud.
  • Comment #4 (Posted by Walter)
    Nice to read positive news about teens. Hats off to Daniel!
  • Comment #5 (Posted by RAVEEE)
    Good to read about a young soul, helping humanity, and that too at a very young tender age, shows, he will go a long way and will shine like a star one day.
  • Comment #6 (Posted by Jean F.)
    Congratulation Daniel, for the wonderful work that you are doing, keep up the good work we are very proud of you as a young person in our community and as a human being.
  • Comment #7 (Posted by Dhaval R B Patel)
    Daniel....You are inspiration to others !!
    Keep it up the excellent work you are doing, for needy children's.
    I'm personally proud of you
  • Comment #8 (Posted by Kathy)
    Good for Daniel - Congratulations. An example to us all.
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