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Campaign Shows Idling Gets You Nowhere
By City of Brampton | Published  09/16/2006 | City/Region News | Rating:
City of Brampton
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Brampton - To reduce vehicle emissions and help create a healthier environment, the City of Brampton is stepping up its Idling Control Public Education Campaign this September.

"Idling for more than 10 seconds burns gas almost twice as fast as driving and produces almost double the amount of toxic emissions per second than a vehicle moving at average speed," said Susan Mayor Fennell. "By not idling our cars we can all play our part to reduce green house gas emissions globally."

The City of Brampton initiated its Idling Control Public Education Campaign last December because vehicle idling is a problem all year round. Information cards were mailed out to residents and businesses, followed by newspaper advertising in local media. Posters and outdoor signs have been placed at City of Brampton facilities – reminding drivers not to idle their vehicles.

Now, beginning in September, Idling Control Ambassadors will be out on the streets at GO Transit Stations and City facilities. The Ambassadors, who are employed by LURA Consulting, will be talking to drivers about vehicle idling and asking them to make a commitment to turn off their vehicle engines while idle. This is the second and final phase of the Brampton campaign. These results will be used to determine the effectiveness of the campaign.

The Idling Control Campaign is being conducted by the City of Brampton in partnership with the Clean Air Partnership and Natural Resources Canada. Campaign results will feed directly into a three-year research and action project to advance the understanding of how voluntary and regulatory approaches, and combinations of the two, can be used to reduce vehicle engine idling in municipalities across Canada.

"My department is proud to support this positive campaign," said the Honourable Gary Lunn, Minister of Natural Resources Canada. "We know that idling wastes fuel and money, and it generates toxic emissions. Canada's New Government is committed to achieving a cleaner and healthier environment for ourselves and for future generations."

A component of this project is a year-long pilot project, which will measure and compare the impacts of public education and by-law enforcement in two partnering Greater Toronto Area municipalities. The information gathered in Brampton will be compared to information gathered from The Town of Markham, which is using a combination of education and enforcing the Town's new idling control bylaw, passed in June 2005. For more information about idling control initiatives, visit the Clean Air Partnership at or Natural Resources Canada at

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