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Mehfil Mela Festival enjoyed by all
By Surjit Singh Flora | Published  09/7/2006 | Community News | Unrated
Surjit Singh Flora
Surjit Singh Flora has worked as writer for the past 20 years. He is a reporter and photographer for the Hamdard Weekly Punjabi Newspaper in Brampton. His articles, poems and stories have been published in local and international newspapers and magazines. He won the Editor’s Choice Award from the National Library of Poetry in 1993. Surjit is a resident of Brampton. 

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Brampton - R.K. Entertainment presented the annual Mehfil Mela Festival on Sunday, September 3rd at the Powerade Centre in Brampton.  The event turned out to be a big draw despite inclement weather.  A large number of people, mainly from the South Asian community, descended at the venue and enjoyed the evening which was full of fun and frolic.

A window to Punjabi culture in Brampton was presented by famous singers from India and Vancouver. Local participants of all ages promoted Punjabi culture.  Performances were full of energy and creative style which included dancing, singing, skits, Bhangra (a lively form of folk music and dance that originates from Punjab) and other activities.

The program started with Jas Sangha's religious songs followed by the cultural festivities.  Tanya Gill presented an energetic dance while singing which was followed by Soni Pabla's mesmerizing performance of old and new remix songs.  Hardeep Gill and Angrej Ali's performances were also enjoyed by all.

Attendees also enjoyed cultural food catered by various local Brampton cuisines and stalls of clothing, jewellery and more.

Attendees at the Mehfil Mela Festival ejoying a live performance

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