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Brampton Fire Chief Awarded for Fire Safety Education
By City of Brampton | Published  04/23/2014 | City/Region News , City of Brampton Announcements | Unrated
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Brampton - In recognition of his significant contribution to public fire prevention and safety education, Brampton Fire Chief Andy MacDonald has been named “Chief of the Year” by the Ontario Municipal Fire Prevention Officers Association (OMFPOA).
The award will be presented on April 30, 2014 as part of the 58th Annual OMFPOA Symposium in Brantford, Ontario. The OMFPOA is comprised of Fire Prevention Officers, Public Education Officers, Deputy Chiefs and Training Officers from across the Province of Ontario that share a common goal of public education and the prevention of fires.
Among the key achievements of Chief MacDonald in his 35-year tenure with Brampton Fire and Emergency Services is the creation of the Fire/Life Safety Education Centre. This one-of-a kind, stand-alone building includes a mock apartment known as “Stephanie’s Place” that is used for educational initiatives such as life safety skills, identifying and eliminating common fire hazards and the importance of early warning devices.
Quick facts
 Chief MacDonald started his career 35 years ago as a firefighter and became Fire Chief in 2008
 More than 50,000 people of all ages have visited and benefitted from the Fire/Life Safety Centre established by Chief MacDonald
 Under his leadership, several innovative educational videos were produced on home fire and children’s car seat safety among others.
 He has fostered a collaborative work environment between the Fire/Life Safety and Fire Prevention teams to serve the community more efficiently
 Chief MacDonald is set to retire from Brampton Fire and Emergency Services at the end of June 2014
 “On behalf of Brampton Council, our heartiest congratulations to Fire Chief Andy MacDonald on being chosen for this prestigious award. A champion of fire and life safety and an exemplary leader, he has spearheaded many public outreach efforts, and is truly deserving of this key industry recognition. His guidance is important in ensuring the safety of Brampton’s diverse and fast-growing population.”
- Mayor Susan Fennell
“I am honoured and privileged to receive this award, which I would like to attribute to the entire Brampton Fire team. They are all highly dedicated individuals with a keen spirit of community service. Together, we have accomplished many successes in raising awareness of fire safety. The majority of fires are preventable. Residential fire deaths are 100 per cent preventable and every effort towards achieving this is valuable.”
- Chief Andy MacDonald

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