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Peel Board Partners with RCT to Help Families in Need
By Peel District School Board | Published  03/8/2014 | Community News | Rating:
Peel District School Board
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Brampton - The Peel District School Board has partnered with Renewed Computer Technology (RCT) to launch a pilot program offering low-cost, quality refurbished computers to families with a low-income. Qualified applicants can purchase a desktop for $67.80 or a laptop for $169.50, including software, a two-year warranty, tax and delivery to the school.

“With the launch of our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative last fall, the Peel board remains committed to creating greater equity of access to technology for all of our students,” notes Brian Woodland, director of communications and community relations support services. “Partnering with RCT is an important step in our goal to expand the menu of device options for our students and their families. We are currently talking to companies and organizations about more possibilities for families.”

To participate in the pilot program, interested individuals must live in Ontario, have a child enrolled in school and either receive government assistance payments or qualify as a low-income earner under the low-income cut-off standards. The pilot program runs throughout March in the following Peel schools: 

• Brian W. Fleming Public School in Mississauga

• Central Peel Secondary School in Mississauga

• Morning Star Middle School in Mississauga

• Robert J. Lee Public School in Brampton

• Sir Winston Churchill Public School in Brampton

“We’re excited to empower students with the tools they need to succeed in today’s knowledge-based economy,” says Shauna McCaffrey, executive director, RCT. “This partnership will not only foster digital literacy, it supports RCT’s youth employment programs and environmental leadership through the renewal of technology.” 

Following the pilot, the program will be rolled out to all Peel schools on a rotating basis in the 2014-15 school year. For more information, or to apply to participate, visit or

RCT is a social enterprise that creates innovative and sustainable social, economic and environmental benefits through renewed technology. RCT’s mission is to provide equitable access to technology to facilitate the development of skills by delivering technology to learners; workplace skills to youth and volunteers; and partnership opportunities to donors, funders and community organizations. For more information, visit

The Peel board serves more than 153,000 students in kindergarten to grade 12. Operating 242 schools in the municipalities of Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga, the Peel board is the largest employer in Peel. For more information, visit the board's website,

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