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Peel Hosts Ontario Vocational Schools Conference
By Peel District School Board | Published  01/26/2014 | Community News | Rating:
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Brampton - Educators from across Ontario will attend the 2014 Ontario Vocational Schools Conference on Jan. 29 and 30 at Judith Nyman Secondary School. The two-day event is a chance for educators from school boards across Ontario to discuss and learn ways to continue to engage and celebrate students who are pursuing vocational programs in secondary schools.

“This conference is designed to share best practices with school staff across Ontario. Schools offer different strategies and resources that support student success in the classroom and in the workplace that others can benefit from,” says Shawn Moynihan, superintendent of curriculum and instruction support services. “Every school has a goal for student success in academics, graduation and the transition from high school to post-secondary opportunities, apprenticeship programs or the workplace. Bringing provincial educational stakeholders together helps increase the success of achieving these goals.”

The conference includes:

• keynote by Judith Nyman, director of program policy with the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association

• introductions by Scott Moreash, associate director of instructional support services, Peel District School Board, and Melissa Nantais, education officer, Ministry of Education

• breakout session topics include: special education, student success, dual credits/experiential learning/co-op programs, guidance and student services, grade 8 to 9 transitions, and alternative programs

• display booths from various organizations

Notes Sue Fried, vice-principal at Judith Nyman, “Participants will collaborate with colleagues to share curricular resources, teaching and learning strategies, and learn how they are partnering with their local industries to build future careers for students.”

The welcome social and industry exhibits take place on Jan. 29 from 7 to 9:30 p.m. at The Hampton Inn, located at 8710 The Gore Rd. in Brampton. The conference takes place on Jan. 30, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Judith Nyman Secondary School, located at 1305 Williams Pky. in Brampton.

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