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UPDATE: Ice Storm Recovery at DPCDSB Sites
By Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School | Published  01/5/2014 | Community News | Unrated
Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School
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Brampton - We hope everyone had a safe Christmas break and look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday January 6, 2014. As you know, our school communities experienced a significant ice storm over the winter break. Our custodial and maintenance staff continue to work with plant services contractors to remove ice and snow, broken tree branches and other debris from our sites, however it is difficult work that will extend into next week.

For everyone’s safety please note the following:

- Please walk carefully when on school/board property; do not run.

- Please ensure students dress appropriately for the conditions. We ask all visitors to wear proper footwear for the conditions, including boots/shoes with non-slip soles.

- Although efforts have been undertaken to clear sidewalks, paths, patches, parking lots and paved play areas, in some cases these efforts were less than successful due to the ongoing freezing temperatures combined with the base of ice resulting from the ice storm. These situations will continue to be addressed.

- Our parking lots do have ice buildup. Please exercise caution when leaving your vehicles. As always, please drive safely.

- Every effort is being made to remove all downed trees/limbs and hanging branches at our sites. To this end, there might still be some branches at our sites awaiting removal next week. Please be aware of this when on our property.

- As this situation will change daily, please note when we use pylons to indicate unsafe areas to avoid.

- Also, the City of Brampton and the City of Mississauga have asked residents to avoid City parks due to icy conditions, downed trees and falling branches. 

Please let us know if you see any concerns while on our school/board properties.

I thank our custodial and maintenance staff for their hard work in preparing our sites for next week under some very challenging conditions.

Thank you for your support in ensuring our schools are safe as possible.

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