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Free Electric Vehicle Charging Station at BCC
By Bramalea City Centre | Published  11/17/2013 | Community News | Unrated
Bramalea City Centre
Bramalea City Centre is the dominant regional shopping centre in the City of Brampton. Located at the corner of Queen Street and Dixie Road, Bramalea City Centre is in the heart of one of Canada's fastest growing communities. For more information, visit

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Brampton - As part of Bramalea City Centre's green initiative, electric vehicle owners are now able to charge their cars while enjoying the retail offerings of Brampton's largest shopping centre located at 25 Peel Centre Drive. Free of charge, the electric charging station can be found on the east side of the parkade, off Lisa Street.

"As an environmentally responsible shopping centre, Bramalea City Centre is strongly committed to doing our share in protecting our planet," shares Alan J. Gomez, Director of Marketing, Bramalea City Centre. "Offering a charging station to consumers is just another way we hope to help our environment, one vehicle at a time."

For Morguard Investments Limited, Bramalea City Centre's parent company, striving for environmental sustainability is more than just good business; managing its properties in an environmentally sustainable way is central to their values. "Morguard supports the foundations of sustainability through our actions and practices," adds Gomez. Through their Green-LINK policies, Morguard focuses on efficiency, waste reduction, interior environment and value creation—all of which evolve around conducting their daily business activities—including those that support our consumers—in an environmentally responsible manner.

Bramalea City Centre is currently rated a BOMA Level 4, the highest level for commercial building sustainability certification, and recently refitted all its exterior and interior lighting systems, replacing them with LED and induction lights fixtures. Bramalea City Centre has also taken aggressive measures to divert its internal mall waste from landfills. It currently diverts 74% of its waste. In October 2013, Bramalea City Centre received a Recycling Council of Ontario Silver Award for its efforts in waste diversion.

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