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Canada's Plumbing Sector to Become Greener
By Region of Peel | Published  11/2/2013 | City/Region News , Region of Peel Announcements | Unrated
Region of Peel
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Brampton - Canada’s plumbers will soon be adding green tools and techniques to their toolbox. This week marks the national launch of Green Plumbers®, an international environmental sustainability program for licensed plumbers and apprentices. Full-day workshops are being offered in the Greater Toronto Area, Waterloo Region and in Vancouver.

“Green Plumbers® has successfully reduced water consumption across Australia and the USA, and has helped plumbers increase their business to customers interested in sustainability. It is a logical next step to offer this program to Canadian plumbers,” said Mary Ann Dickinson, President and CEO of the Alliance for Water Efficiency. “Creating a national culture of conservation amongst plumbers, who are in direct contact with home and business owners, makes so much sense.”

On Friday, Nov. 8, the second of three Canadian Green Plumbers® workshops will take place at the Sandman Signature Hotel Toronto Airport. Plumbers and apprentices in attendance will receive a certificate, acknowledging that they have advanced knowledge of water efficiency and conservation.

The curriculum is based on a program developed by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials. Local licensed plumbers and apprentices will learn about the latest in high-efficiency fixtures, such as toilets, faucets and washing machines. They will also learn how to calculate potential water and financial savings from installing such fixtures. As well, the program includes a substantial section on the basics of installing rainwater and greywater harvesting systems.

“The Region of Peel is excited to host one of the first-ever Green Plumbers® workshops in Canada,” said Johann Manente, Manager of Education Programs and Services with the Region of Peel. “Canadians are starting to connect water and energy consumption with their pocketbooks. This full-day workshop will equip plumbers with the knowledge and tools they require to better serve their customers.”

This project is jointly funded by RBC’s Blue Water Project, the Alliance for Water Efficiency, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and a group of municipalities from across Canada. These municipalities include the Region of Peel, Region of York, Region of Halton, City of Toronto, Region of Waterloo, City of Guelph and City of Vancouver. It is being delivered by Econics, a BC-based services firm that specializes in water sustainability. These supporters have come together in recognition of the important role plumbers can play in urban water sustainability.

“This is a natural fit with RBC’s Blue Water Project, which supports initiatives that protect fresh water in Canadian cities,” reflected Shari Austin, Vice-President, Corporate Citizenship, RBC and Executive Director, RBC Foundation. “There is currently no national sustainability training program for Canadian plumbers. We are pleased to contribute to this project, which fills such an important gap in advancing water sustainability in Canada.”

Interested tradespeople can register at

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