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Visit PAMA This Halloween for Chills and Thrills
By Peel Art Gallery (PAMA) | Published  10/28/2013 | City/Region News , Region of Peel Announcements | Unrated
Peel Art Gallery (PAMA)

The Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives collects, tells and shares the stories of Peel Region. We hope that our exhibitions, events and programs spark thought, debate and dialogue, and that you leave PAMA changed somehow: by discovering something new about yourself or about our community. Located at 9 Wellington Street East, Brampton, ON.
Phone Number: 905-791-4055

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Brampton - This Halloween, Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA) gets eerie with a night of frights for every ghoul and goblin. Beginning at 7 p.m. on Oct. 31 in the art gallery lobby, visitors can take part in a Halloween night tour.

PAMA Special Halloween Tour

Oct. 31 beginning at 7 p.m.

Free with admission

Horrifying History Lesson

Learn all about the diverse origins of Halloween as you take a haunted trip through history.

Haunted Tour

Awake the undead and show off your best zombie walk as you journey through the historic grounds at PAMA. Travel back to the 1800s with a tour of PAMA’s oldest buildings and experience a prisoner’s walk from the Courtroom to the original jail cells.

Tales from the Dark Dungeon

Unearth the secrets of the men and women who were held behind bars at the Peel County Jail located at PAMA. You’ll hear about the failed escape attempts, discuss crime and punishment at the site of past hangings in Peel.

Frightful Photos

Scour the PAMA archives photo collection for a dreadful display of previous residents and past Halloween nights in Peel Region.

Visitors are encouraged to dress for the occasion by wearing their costumes. The Halloween-themed tour is free with admission.

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