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City Pushes For Full Regional Representation
By City of Brampton | Published  10/12/2013 | City/Region News , City of Brampton Announcements | Unrated
City of Brampton
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Brampton - Brampton City Council today decided it would directly approach the Province of Ontario to seek full representation at the Region of Peel Council. In a letter addressed to Linda Jeffrey, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Brampton is asking that the composition of Regional Council be changed to add four City of Brampton Councillors – one Regional Councillor for each of the 10 wards in Brampton.
This proposal is in line with Brampton’s fast-growing population and economy, as well as the recommendations of the 2004 Justice Adams report. Council has also directed staff to launch a public engagement campaign to garner support for a stronger voice and representation at the regional level.
“It has been our long-standing priority to ensure that Brampton residents have fair and equitable representation at the Region of Peel,” said Mayor Fennell. “Having all ten Councillors at Regional Council will enable us to serve the community more effectively.”
She added that the timing of the proposal is critical to ensure that the change is made in time to take effect in the new council term after next year’s municipal election, “We have waited patiently for 10 years for our full representation at the Region and do not want to be denied again. This is a pressing matter and we urge the Province to initiate the legislative change enabling all our Councillors to be at the Regional table.”
The 2004 Justice Adams report recommended that in time for the 2006 municipal election, Brampton's regional representatives be increased from six (five Councillors + Mayor) to 11 (10 Councillors + Mayor) based on Brampton’s explosive growth since 2000. Despite this recommendation, the Province of Ontario passed the Regional Municipality of Peel Act 2005 (Bill 186) that provided for only seven Brampton representatives (six Councillors + Mayor) to sit at Regional Council.
Currently, each of Brampton’s seven Regional Councillors represents an average of 76,429 constituents per Regional Councillor. This is higher than Mississauga, which has all 12 of its Councillors represented at the Region, each of whom represent an average of 62,083 constituents.
At the Region of Peel Council on September 26, 2013, the City of Brampton presented its case for the need for fair representation by population. The matter is now referred to each of the local municipalities (Mississauga and Caledon) for their consideration. Although the City of Brampton respects the views of its colleague Councils and will continue to advocate for Brampton’s representation at Regional Council, the City of Brampton is now requesting a parallel approval process with the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

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