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Have Your Say in 2014 Brampton Budget
By City of Brampton | Published  10/8/2013 | City/Region News , City of Brampton Announcements | Unrated
City of Brampton
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Brampton - An introduction to the 2014 City of Brampton Budget was presented last night at a special Committee of Council (Budget) meeting. This meeting was part of the City’s continuing community engagement efforts and provided an important opportunity for citizen feedback into the Budget development process.

Members of the public present at the meeting got insight into the budget process, learned about the economic outlook and development opportunities available for the city, and heard about the financial realities and challenges facing the City of Brampton.

Also presented was a list of priorities for the 2014 budget, including implementing the Strategic Plan that is currently being developed; implementing a long-term funding strategy that will help mitigate future challenges; implementing the corporate realignment that was recently rolled out; and minimizing property tax increases.

“This meeting is the first of several opportunities for the public to provide their feedback on the budget process,” said Regional Councillor Gael Miles, Budget Committee Chair. “I encourage Brampton residents to get involved and be a part of this important decision-making process.” 

“Brampton is committed to managing its provincially-mandated growth in a fiscally prudent and sustainable way,” said John Corbett, Chief Administrative Officer. “Our key objective for Budget 2014 is to control spending and limit tax increases. We want to insulate the taxpayer from the financial challenges facing the City, while continuing to provide excellent programs and services to the community.” 

Citizen feedback is critical to the development and implementation of policies and programs that will ensure the growth and success of Brampton and its residents. Tell us how you think we should be spending your tax dollars.

Brampton residents are urged to provide input and feedback on the 2014 budget until November 30, online at, over the phone at 905.874.2789, or by mail to: 

Budget 2014
C/o Financial Planning and Budgets Branch
Brampton City Hall 2 Wellington Street West
Brampton, ON, L6Y 4R2

Additional public meetings, to be held prior to budget deliberations, will be announced as they are scheduled. The public can also attend the budget deliberation meetings on December 2 (9:30 am), December 3 (9:30 am) and December 4 (1:00 pm, if needed), in the Council Chambers at City Hall. Budget approval is currently scheduled for December 11. More details will be communicated closer to the dates.

All relevant information pertaining to the budget is available for public review on the City website ( It will be updated as new information is added. Residents have until November 30 to submit their suggestions and feedback, which will be presented to the Budget Committee for consideration.

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