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 »  Home  »  City/Region News  »  City of Brampton Announcements  »  Transit Launches New September Services
 »  Home  »  City/Region News  »  City of Brampton Announcements  »  Transit Launches New September Services
Transit Launches New September Services
By Brampton Transit | Published  09/3/2013 | City of Brampton Announcements , City/Region News | Unrated
Brampton Transit
Brampton Transit Headquarters: 185 Clark Blvd., Brampton, ON, L6T 4G6.  Weekdays: 8:30am - 4:30pm.  For schedules, fares, routes & services Call: 905-874-2999 TTY: 905-874-2130 Weekdays: 7am-9pm, Saturdays: 7am-7pm, Sundays: 9am-6pm.  For Lost & Found, Customer Services & Admin Call: 905-874-2750.  Visit Brampton Transit for more information. 

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Brampton - Effective September 3, Brampton Transit will introduce its September service improvements, which include extending many routes plus introducing a new route in the Financial Drive area.

“Throughout the year, we are continuously reviewing our service to ensure we are meeting riders’ needs,” says Sue Connor, Acting Commissioner of Works and Transportation. “The changes and improvements we make to existing routes are to better serve our riders and ensure our service is working efficiently.”

This September, riders will find these notable changes and additions:
 501 ZÜM and 502 ZÜM Main Street will have additional weekday peak-period and mid-day trips
 11 Steeles – weekday afternoon and evening frequency increased to every 8 minutes
 35 Clarkway – route extended to Airport Road via the new Gore Meadows Community Centre and Library, plus weekday mid-day and Saturday service added
 56 Springbrook – extended to downtown via Queen Street, plus weekday mid-day service added
 58 Financial – new route to service growth areas and provide connections into northwest Mississauga
 Additional mid-day, peak and early evening trips provided on a number of arterial routes

For a complete route-by-route list of improvements, visit or pick up a Read & Ride brochure at any Brampton Transit terminal.

Beginning the week of August 26, Brampton Transit staff will be onsite at key terminals to assist riders if they need help with the route changes. Riders can also call Customer Service at 905.874.2999.

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