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Five Peel Students Graduate with Perfect Average
By Peel District School Board | Published  07/18/2013 | Community News | Rating:
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 Brampton - Prasoon Jha, Fizza Manzoor, Isha Mistry, Vikas Patel and Varun Muddaluru from Turner Fenton Secondary School achieved the highest average within the Peel District School Board for the 2012-13 academic year. These students are among the Peel board's 4,350 Ontario scholars, students graduating grade 12 with an average of 80 per cent or higher in their top six grade 12 courses.

 Jha will be exploring his interests in engineering at the University of Toronto in the fall. Jha believes he was able to be successful by, “taking initiative and responsibility of work, and following up with questions for teachers.”

 Manzoor will be attending McMaster University for the health sciences program. The support of family, friends and teachers has helped her to be successful throughout high school. Her advice for future students is, “to make the best of your final year in high school, while working hard.”

 Mistry will be majoring in environment and resource studies at the University of Waterloo in September. Mistry was able to achieve her perfect average due to “hard work, determination and her teacher’s support.”

 Patel will be taking the medical sciences program at Western University. Patel provides a secret to success, “have a schedule in place and stick to it—it helps avoid distractions.”

 Simran Dhunna from Glenforest Secondary School and Lucy Gao from Lorne Park Secondary School both had the highest average in Mississauga with 99.7 per cent. University of Pennsylvania will be home for Gao in September. She will be majoring in biological basis of behaviour, with the hopes of one day becoming a neurosurgeon. “Work hard, but savour the moment—it is your last year of high school,” is Gao’s advice for next year’s grade 12 students.

 Dhunna attributes her success to a healthy combination of  support from parents and teachers, and peers encouraging success. Her advice for future students is to, “use all available resources, apply your natural desire to learn and anything is possible.”

 Ian Waudby-Smith from Humberview Secondary School had the highest average in Caledon with 96.8 per cent. Next year, he will be attending the University of Waterloo, enrolled in the systems design engineering program. Wauby-Smith would like to take entrepreneurial risks after university while being young. He says, “you need to enjoy what you’re doing before pushing yourself to be successful.”

 The total number of students on the Ontario Top Scholar list at the Peel board has increased from last year’s 3,955. Last year, four Turner Fenton students earned perfect averages.

For full listing of Peel's Ontario Top Scholars visit

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