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July Babysitting Courses at Brampton Library
By Brampton Library | Published  06/17/2013 | Community News | Unrated
Brampton Library
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Brampton - Brampton Library will be hosting St. John Ambulance Babysitting courses in July. The one-day (9:30 am to 4:30 pm) course for 11 to 14 year olds is designed to teach babysitting, leadership and first aid skills in a fun and informative way. It is also an excellent programme for teaching emergency skills to students who are occasionally alone at home. Certificates are issued upon completion.

Registration is required at any library branch, beginning June 24, 2013. Course cost is $40.

Summer dates and locations are:
Mount Pleasant Village, Monday, July 8;
Cyril Clark on Monday, July 15;
Chinguacousy on Tuesday, July 16;
Four Corners on Monday, July 22;
Gore Meadows on Tuesday, July 23

For more information call 905-793-4636 or TTY 1-866-959-9994 or visit your nearest library location.
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