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Names Approved for New City Hall Spaces
By City of Brampton | Published  06/9/2013 | City of Brampton Announcements | Unrated
City of Brampton
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Brampton - Brampton City Council has approved the names for the new tower and several key elements of the Southwest Quadrant Renewal Plan, currently under construction next to City Hall.

“Naming significant structures with history and culture in mind is a hallmark of our City. It is poignant when these names are derived from community feedback,” said Mayor Susan Fennell. “Thank you to everyone who responded to our request to help name the Southwest Quadrant complex – it is Council’s pleasure to approve your recommendations.”

The following names were officially approved at the June 5 meeting of Council:
West Tower and West Tower Parking Garage: New building at 41 George Street
Heritage Way: Pedestrian bridge linking the West Tower with the existing City Hall building
Daily Times Square: Outdoor “forecourt” on the north side of the existing City Hall, facing out to Queen Street – a tribute to an early city newspaper, the Daily Times and Conservator, which was located at 33 Queen Street.
The Conservatory: New entrance to City Hall from the Daily Times Square – a large room with high ceilings and natural light reminiscent of the greenhouses of the city’s flower town roots. Also a play-on-words nod to the Daily Times and Conservator.
Community Walk: Second floor corridor in the West Tower that leads to meeting and community rooms.

From March 11 to 28, employees, residents, and visitors to Brampton were encouraged to submit name suggestions for the new building and its key components.

The City has an established process and guidelines for naming new municipal buildings under the Naming and Signage Committee. An ad-hoc Southwest Quadrant Renewal Plan Naming Committee complemented the process. More than 280 suggestions were collected and reviewed by the committee.

The Southwest Quadrant complex is scheduled to open in spring 2014. Find more information at
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