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Filipino Fiesta in the Square on June 9
By Brampton Downtown Development Corporation | Published  06/5/2013 | Community News | Unrated
Brampton Downtown Development Corporation
The Brampton Downtown Development Corporation (BDDC) is a non-profit corporation with a public-private partnership between the 350 businesses and commercial property owners in the historic Downtown core and the City of Brampton.
Our vision is to revitalize downtown Brampton as the heart of the city that is a prosperous centre for business, a creative place for artistic and cultural experiences and a vibrant urban environment for residents, workers and visitors.
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Brampton - It's Filipino Fiesta time again!! Proudly celebrating its fourth year, the Filipino Fiesta will include non-stop entertainment, food, vendors, service exhibitors, audience participation games, silent auction, wacky sports tournaments, face painting, balloons and door prizes.

Date: Sunday, June 9, 2013
Time: 12noon to 8:00pm
Place: Rose Theatre, Garden Square
Cost: FREE

The Fiesta brings approximately 2000 guests to the Downtown core. This is an excellent opportunity for BDDC members to introduce your products and/or serivces to the Fiesta guests and their families.
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