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Discover the Beauty of Ornament at PAMA
By Peel Art Gallery (PAMA) | Published  05/29/2013 | Community News | Unrated
Peel Art Gallery (PAMA)

The Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives collects, tells and shares the stories of Peel Region. We hope that our exhibitions, events and programs spark thought, debate and dialogue, and that you leave PAMA changed somehow: by discovering something new about yourself or about our community. Located at 9 Wellington Street East, Brampton, ON.
Phone Number: 905-791-4055

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Brampton - Join the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA) for Ornamenting the Ordinary: Crafts of South Asia, to learn about the artistic styles, craftsmanship and craft traditions of South Asia’s many culturally diverse regions. This travelling exhibition, on loan from the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) explores the interaction between South Asia and the rest of the world and how this interaction affected the craft industries. Ornamenting the Ordinary: Crafts of South Asia runs at PAMA from June 8 – Sept. 1.

“We’re pleased to present this fascinating exhibition to PAMA visitors,” said Marty Brent, Supervisor, Museum and Archive Services, PAMA. “Visitors to Ornamenting the Ordinary: Crafts of South Asia will see how South Asian artists transform functional everyday objects into artistic forms, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.”

South Asia, a region with a history spanning 5,000 years comprises the modern states of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Maldives, Afghanistan, Nepal and the region of Tibet. The exhibition is presented in English and French and is divided into six sections: decorative textiles, ritual objects, wood carving, light, art and food, and arms and armour. The exhibition is augmented by a video presentation, providing information on the religion and cultures of South Asia.

PAMA also offers interactive programs and events that complement Ornamenting the Ordinary: Crafts of South Asia including:

Connections: Art and Book Club
June 6
7 – 9 p.m.

Literature and visual art connect, intersect and reflect in this distinctive book club presented in partnership with the Brampton Public Library. Join us for an evening of literature and lassi! We begin the evening with a discussion led by Brampton Public Library staff of Rana Bose’s intellectual thriller The Fourth Canvas, featuring an artist, a possible murder and a painting. After some lassi, gulub jamum, and other sweets, we tour the museum’s latest, temporary exhibition Ornamenting the Ordinary: Crafts of South Asia.

To register, please contact the Brampton Public Library at (905) 793-4636 or in person at any library location and pick up a copy of The Fourth Canvas. (Note: Limited copies available. Please check with library for book availability).

Ornamenting the Ordinary: Crafts of South Asia is organized and circulated by the Royal Ontario Museum through its Travelling Exhibitions Program. The Royal Ontario Museum is an agency of the Government of Ontario.
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