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Paramedics Praise Actions of YMCA Staff
By Region of Peel | Published  05/25/2013 | Region of Peel Announcements | Unrated
Region of Peel
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Brampton - Peel Regional Paramedic Services’ (PRPS) Chief Peter Dundas thanked Mississauga City Centre Drive YMCA staff for starting CPR, calling 911 and using a public access defibrillator to save a life. Susan Babcock, Ryan Hamilton-Miller and Darius Wrathall jumped into action when a member fell unconscious back on March 14, 2013.

“Even though a bit nervous, we knew that doing CPR and using the defibrillator was the best thing to do,” said Miller. After delivering the first shock, the defibrillator instructed that no further shocks were needed. The patient’s pulse returned and he was placed in the recovery position. “It was so great to have him conscious and breathing again,” added Babcock.

Last year alone, paramedics responded to just over 1,000 cardiac arrests - every second counts.

“After assessing and treating the patient, it was obvious that the quick actions taken played a significant role in giving this man a second chance at life,” said Advanced Care Paramedic Shawn Sobon who responded to the call. “He was breathing on his own, had a strong pulse and showed signs of neurological activity.”

During the Civilian Commendation presentation at Regional Council, PRPS Chief Dundas reinforced how important it is for bystanders to get involved. “People can be intimidated to jump into action, but they don’t need to be,” said Dundas. “Hands-only CPR is easy and the public access defibrillators provide guidance and instruction; there is no guess work,” he added.

Throughout Paramedic Week, from May 19 – 25, the service is encouraging the public to learn CPR, particularly hands-only CPR and use a public access defibrillator. “Having a public access defibrillator available made it possible for us to do more for our YMCA member,” said Wrathall.
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