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Brampton Hockey Inc Launches New Site, System
By Brampton Hockey Inc. | Published  05/21/2013 | Community News | Rating:
Brampton Hockey Inc.
Brampton Hockey Inc. is one of Ontario’s largest single community based non-profit hockey organizations with a membership of approximately 2,800. A member in good standing with the governing bodies of hockey for youth, Ontario Minor Hockey Association, the Ontario Hockey Federation and Hockey Canada, Brampton Hockey’s mission is to promote, encourage, and develop each player, coach and volunteer within our Association, while teaching the concepts of sportsmanship, fair play and respect. For more information, contact Brampton Hockey Inc at 905-453-3243 or

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Brampton - Brampton Hockey Inc (BHI), formerly Brampton Youth Hockey Association, this week launched their new online presence, a next-generation communications system integrating websites with scheduling and other functionality.
This new platform will be the source for up-to-date schedules, latest news and other information about Brampton Hockey’s many Recreational, Intra-City and Representative teams, as well as their Hockey Development programs such as Timbits® Hockey School and Brampton Hockey Goalie School.

“We’ve worked very hard to address the needs of all stakeholders in Brampton Hockey, including players, parents, coaching staff and officials,” said Stephen Palermo, President of Brampton Hockey Inc. “We’re very proud of this new online system, which provides all teams the ability to set up and maintain their own website and email distributions, and allows team schedules to be automatically synchronized with devices such as desktops, tablets and smartphones. This is a great day for all involved in Brampton Hockey.”

The new website, developed by Canadian sports website company GOALLINE, can be found at, and will be the focal point for information for its 2,800 members, their parents, family and friends. It will feature schedules, team and league standings, game results, sponsorship and volunteering information and much more. Glenn McIntyre, General Manager of Brampton Hockey Inc., said, “it’s a more robust and sophisticated system than our members are used to, and we’re working on more features to make it even better.”
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