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Brampton Transit to Launch Next Ride Notification
By City of Brampton | Published  05/11/2013 | City of Brampton Announcements | Unrated
City of Brampton
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Brampton - Brampton Transit will launch “Next Ride Notification” on May 13 to help riders know when to expect a bus to depart from their stop.

“Accessible, reliable transportation is a core need for businesses, residents and visitors,” said Mayor Susan Fennell. “Our city has an ongoing commitment to deliver superior transit service, and we’re pleased to offer new ways that connect our riders to real-time travel information.”

Brampton Transit maintains 3,021 bus stops, and its bus routes cover more than 266 square kilometres.

Signing up is free, fast and easy!
• Visit the Next Ride webpage at and click on the Next Ride Notification link.
• Subscribe with the email address or cell number you’d like notices sent to.
• Select a day of the week, time and bus stop that you want to be notified about.
• Select up to 10 different bus stops per subscription.

It’s just that easy to receive regular real-time notification of when your next bus is departing.

Next-Ride Notification is a free service provided by Brampton Transit. Before subscribing, it is recommended that customers check with their wireless service provider to inquire about any charges they might impose.
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