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Logo of Brampton Beast Released
By Brampton Beast | Published  05/2/2013 | Community News | Unrated
Brampton Beast
The Brampton Beast are a Tier 2 professional hockey team in the Central Hockey League.
PHONE: (905) 564-1684

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Brampton - In an event open to the public, Brampton's professional hockey franchise unveiled its logo for the first time. The historic moment was accompanied by a state of the art laser show. Also on hand were newly named Head Coach Mark DeSantis, Team President & GM Cary Kaplan, and Team Owner Gregg Rosen who each took time to answer any and all questions from the hundreds of fans in attendance.

"All along, it has been our goal to create something that is new, exciting, powerful, and truly unique; and we are very excited to unveil a logo that we feel accomplishes all these things." said Owner Gregg Rosen in a letter addressed to, and handed to all the fans in attendance.

The logo is like nothing else that exists in Southern Ontario. While many feel there is a fine history of classic, traditional and sophisticated logos, the Beast wanted to introduce a concept that is "Cool, Fun and Powerful".

The team also used this event as the perfect platform to recognize the four fans who originally put forward the name "Beast" through the team's Name Your Team Contest. All four fans were rewarded for submitting the idea by receiving one of the first ever Beast T-shirts. One lucky fan was awarded the grand prize, which was a trip to the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals.

Following the festivities, the Team and partners Pizza Pizza, and Coca-Cola provided a complimentary lunch which provided an opportunity for all those in attendance to mingle with other fans and team executives.

The Beast would like to thank all those who were in attendance for yesterday's event. With a name, logo, and team colours all solidified, the team will next focus on creating a Mascot. As announced by team President & GM Cary Kaplan during today's event, a contest will be launched calling on the youth of Brampton (18 years or younger) to Name Your Mascot.

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