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2nd Creative Economy Summit draws big crowd
By City of Brampton | Published  04/28/2013 | City of Brampton Announcements | Unrated
City of Brampton
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Brampton - The City of Brampton’s 2nd Annual Creative Economy Summit that took place on April 23, 2013 at the Rose Theatre Brampton attracted more than 250 attendees. Keynote presentations by Mark Vonesch, a Vancouver-based visual artist, filmmaking teacher and founder and director of “Reel Youth, and Jesse Hirsh, Technology Strategist and Researcher, highlighted how an individual keen on entering the creative economy could find their passion and career.

“During the Brampton Creative Economy Summit bright minds debate ways to diversify and strengthen Brampton’s economy – all with the goal of creating good-paying local jobs,” Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell said. “This year’s summit focuses on Youth and Digital Media. The goal is to encourage youth to enter the creative economy and I can’t think of a better mandate. When we invest in Brampton’s youth, we add to our City’s abundance of human capital,” Fennell added.

This year’s Summit offered attendees with three different interactive sessions that took place throughout the day. These interactive sessions provided the opportunity to get up close with industry professionals and experts who provided the latest insight into their areas of specialization. Session included panel discussions on Developing Brampton’s Creative Cluster; Show me the Money!; Turn Your Talent into a Business; Digital Media and Animation; Social Media; Digital Media and the Fine Arts; The Changing Face of Brampton’s HACE Sector; Youth and Business; Gaming Industry; So You Want to Work in Film?; and Brampton Creative Economy Success Stories.

The Creative Economy Summit achieved another first for the City of Brampton with live webstreaming of keynotes and various panel discussions. Webstream coverage was available throughout the day via a broadcast channel established on the City of Brampton's website. A highlight video and some of the presentations will be available at

In line with the “Youth and Digital Media” topic, the City of Brampton’s Small Business Enterprise Centre announced the launch an exciting new youth entrepreneurship program called “Make Your Pitch”. The new initiative gives high school students (grades 9-12) an opportunity to create a 2-minute video which “pitches” their ideal business. Entrepreneurialminded students have a chance of winning an award of up to $3,000 to start their own business, as well as business coaching and mentoring.

At noon, a mural titled “Urban Bouquet” by renowned Canadian public artist Charles Johnston, C5 Artworks, was unveiled in Downtown Brampton. Charlie Johnston is a painter, sculptor, and muralist, who has been creating public art for 25 years, conceiving and executing large scale murals and sculptures in concrete, mixed media and bronze. He explores motifs that are both site-specific and concept focused, with a technical, realist utilization of art materials to support his specific approach to making art. This project was funded through the Investing in Ontario Act.

The Creative Economy Summit is part of the HACE™ (heritage, arts, culture and entertainment) initiative developed by the City of Brampton to pursue and promote the development of a creative economy in the city. Held in partnership with the Brampton Arts Council, Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives, Brampton Library and the Brampton Downtown Development Corporation, the Creative Economy Summit aims to:
• Promote awareness of the creative economy and Brampton’s role within it;
• Educate and define the creative economy by sharing information and best practices;
• And, create a networking environment for members of the creative economy.
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