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Gore Meadows Community Centre Officially Open
By City of Brampton | Published  04/17/2013 | City of Brampton Announcements | Rating:
City of Brampton
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Brampton - On April 12, the City of Brampton officially marked the opening of its newest recreation facility: the Gore Meadows Community Centre and Library.

Together, Mayor Susan Fennell, Regional Councillor John Sprovieri, City Councillor Vicky Dhillon, and Library Chair Roger Bunn unveiled a plaque in the facility foyer, which will greet visitors upon their entrance.

The City of Brampton is committed to helping families get active – and stay active. Gore Meadows Community Centre and Library provides much-need services to the growing communities in northeast Brampton.

To build for its future, the City carefully plans the location of housing, industry, offices, and shops – as well as the infrastructure to support a growing city – streets, parks, transit, schools and recreational amenities. The ease and ability to walk, cycle or take transit played a big role in determining the location of the Gore Meadows Community Centre and Library.

In 2009, the City of Brampton purchased a plot of land on the northwest corner of Castlemore Road and The Gore Road. In early summer 2010, the City held a ground breaking, and work commenced that fall. Building construction commenced in August 2011. In March 2013, the building opened to the public, marking its debut with March Break activities for students.

The facility’s handsome design draws inspiration from its surroundings and cultural history – reminiscent of the farmers’ fields prevalent in the area. Flexible program, fitness and gathering spaces; an outdoor reading garden; and a gymnasium with bleacher seating are hallmark amenities.

For the Gore Meadows Community Centre and Library, the City is pursuing a Silver level of LEED Certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Canada for New Construction (LEED® Canada-NC) v1.0 green building rating system.

“Accessible, modern and welcoming community centres and libraries embody the character of a healthy, dynamic and thriving city. They elevate our unrivalled quality of life. Brampton’s community centres and libraries - like the new Gore Meadows site - are marketable assets that help us recruit professionals from the creative economy to invest, work, create jobs and do business with Brampton.” – Susan Fennell, Mayor, City of Brampton

“Building this community centre has been one of the most gratifying projects I’ve been involved with as a politician. Our shared purpose was to create a space that connected our community. We have created a community building in its truest sense. I’m confident the residents will approve and appreciate what we’ve achieved. We can all see this is not just a beautiful building… it is a community building.” – John Sprovieri, Regional Councillor – Wards 9 + 10, City of Brampton

“I am very proud of the work we have accomplished for our community. We are also excited to look ahead to the future – and what this facility will become. The Gore Meadows Community Centre and Library has something for everyone. The City of Brampton is proud to build for our future.” – Vicky Dhillon, City Councillor – Wards 9 + 10, City of Brampton

“We at the Library Board are grateful for the generous support of the City of Brampton in funding these important community resources.” - Dr. Roger Bunn, Chair, Brampton Library Board

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