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Exciting New Music Opportunity For Youth
By Brampton Music Scene | Published  09/13/2012 | Community News , Arts & Entertainment | Rating:
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Brampton - The City of Brampton Concert Band is pleased to offer a new music opportunity for Brampton, aimed at supporting our youth and helping them grow in the musical arts, in which they will enrich their musical growth under strong musical leadership, with challenging and wide-ranging music selections, varied performance opportunities and unique learning experiences through special guests and projects. 

We are seeking students with some playing experience ideally at the Grade 8, 9 or 10 levels who wish to expand their musical skills and horizons, but are happy to consider any middle or early secondary school students who would like to participate in this new group. 

To lead this exciting new band, we are very pleased to announce Susan Barber Kahro as music director.   We are certain she will bring the best out of the young musicians who will take part and give them a lasting and positive experience.  Members will have the opportunity to perform at The Rose Theatre, with the Brampton Concert Band, Gage Park and the Farmer’s Market as well as competing in MusicFest Canada.

Our first rehearsal is planned for Thursday September 20, 2012, from 5:30 p.m. - 7:15 p.m. in the Brampton Concert Band’s music hall located at 55A Queen Street East (old Carnegie Library at Queen Street and Union Street).


For additional information, including how to join and membership fees, please visit our website at or contact us by email at  You can also visit our Brampton Youth Concert Band Facebook page. 

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