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Physician begins role as Vice President, Medical Affairs
By William Osler Health System | Published  08/3/2012 | Health & Wellness | Unrated
William Osler Health System
William Osler Health System has over 800 beds and a health care team of over 4,000 staff, 700 physicians and 1100 volunteers. Osler provides programs and services to 1.3 million area residents in the growing and diverse communities they serve. William Osler Health System has three facilities – Brampton Civic Hospital, Etobicoke General Hospital and Peel Memorial (currently being redeveloped).

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Brampton – Dr. Naveed Mohammad, a physician at William Osler Health System (Osler) for the past 15 years has been named Osler’s Vice President (VP) Medical Affairs.

The VP Medical Affairs role is a new position at Osler. The role was created in order to provide the organization with even greater leadership support as it continues to focus on meeting the increasing and diverse health care needs of its communities.

Dr. Mohammad has played a critical role in leading improvements within the organization. He began his career at Osler in 1997 as an emergency physician at Etobicoke General Hospital. Since that time, he has held a number of physician leadership positions of increasing responsibility over the years, including Etobicoke General Site Chief, Chief of Emergency Medicine in 2001, and Osler Chief of Emergency Services in 2006.

“Dr. Mohammad’s leadership has been instrumental in helping us continue to drive quality improvements in our emergency services,” said Matthew Anderson, President and CEO of William Osler Health System. “Osler’s Emergency Departments have grown to become recognized models of quality care delivery in this province, and continue to make great strides as a result of the exceptional efforts Dr. Mohammad has led over the last number of years.”

In addition to his work at Osler, Dr. Mohammad also holds leadership roles outside the organization including Lead of Emergency Medicine for the Central West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), and as a member of the Physician Payment Review Board. Outside of his everyday duties, he has also led Pakistan’s National Ball hockey program which has achieved great success over the last few years.

“I am honoured to have been chosen for this new leadership position at Osler,” said Dr. Naveed Mohammad, VP, Medical Affairs, William Osler Health System. “I am committed to this organization and to this community, and look forward to helping Osler continue to deliver safe and compassionate care to its patients and their families.”
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