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Etobicoke General Celebrates Newly Renovated Space
By William Osler Health System | Published  07/18/2012 | Health & Wellness | Unrated
William Osler Health System
William Osler Health System has over 800 beds and a health care team of over 4,000 staff, 700 physicians and 1100 volunteers. Osler provides programs and services to 1.3 million area residents in the growing and diverse communities they serve. William Osler Health System has three facilities – Brampton Civic Hospital, Etobicoke General Hospital and Peel Memorial (currently being redeveloped).

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Peel – Etobicoke General Hospital celebrated the opening of its newly renovated Laboratory last week, after a move to a new space on the lower level of the building. This renovation is part of a broader, multi- phased redevelopment plan to update and improve the facilities at the hospital.

The hospital, originally opened in 1972, is currently undergoing revitalization to meet the growing demands of its community. The $4.2 million renovation of existing areas has included the Laboratory and Day Surgery and Diagnostic Cardiology units, and will continue this year with an additional $8.6 million in ‘priority enabling infrastructure works’. This includes upgrading the hospital’s gas main and electrical system, adding isolation air systems, and completing HVAC work for the Operating Rooms to help improve capacity to meet existing and future demand for services, and enhance the space for patients, visitors, staff, physicians, and volunteers.

“Our recent renovations to the Diagnostic Cardiology and Day Surgery units and to the Laboratory are important first steps in beginning our transformation into a community hospital for the 21st century,” said Ann Ford, VP Development and Support Services, William Osler Health System. “We’re on an exciting journey with the revitalization of Etobicoke General. These recent renovations are fundamental to the long-term redevelopment of the hospital.”

The Etobicoke General Hospital Laboratory receives 450,000 specimens and performs more than 1.3 million tests annually. Approximately 85% of decisions regarding patient diagnosis and treatment are based on Laboratory test results. The new modern, bright, spacious and safe Laboratory space ensures compliance with Ontario Laboratory Accreditation requirements, features a layout that allows for improved workflow; and includes new features such as Laminar Flow Cabinets and Fume Hoods to enhance the safety of staff.

“It is certainly fulfilling to see everyone’s hard work and dedication translate into such a significant enhancement for the hospital and the community,” said Noreen Maltby, Director of Laboratory Medicine. “The finished space is a fitting reflection of the high-quality work that our Laboratory team continues to perform, day after day.”

The Etobicoke General Hospital Laboratory and the Laboratory at Brampton Civic Hospital received accreditation in November 2010 to the ISO 15189 international standard for quality and excellence, receiving 100% compliance to the standard.

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