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Peel students learn safe bike-riding practices
By Peel District School Board | Published  06/4/2012 | Community News | Unrated
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Peel - Over 1,800 grade 3 and 4 students from 14 Peel District School Board schools will learn about safe bike-riding practices through Helmets on Kids, a program that aims to prevent brain injuries through education. The official launch of this year’s program will take place on June 5 at Springfield Public School. 

“This program helps keep students safe by giving them important, practical information they can use and share with their peers, families and the community,” says Beth Veale, school support officer in the Peel board. “We appreciate the tremendous fundraising efforts of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association that have allowed us to provide free helmets to 775 students in need.”

Helmets on Kids is a joint venture of the Brain Injury Association of Peel and Halton, Ontario Trial Lawyers Association, the Peel board, the Peel Children’s Safety Village, Peel Regional Police and Peel Public Health.

Along with Springfield, the following schools will benefit from the program this year:

Brian W. Fleming Public School

Brookmede Public School

Burnhamthorpe Public School

Dorset Drive Public School
Eastbourne Drive Public School
Hanover Public School
Lancaster Public School
Morton Way Public School

Oakridge Public School
Ridgeview Public School
Silver Creek Public School
Sir Wilfred Laurier Public School
Thorndale Public School

Representatives from the Peel board, Peel Regional Police and donating law firms will attend the launch.

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