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Coffee House Jam Night 2011
By Erica Salvalaggio | Published  10/29/2011 | Arts & Entertainment | Rating:
Erica Salvalaggio

Erica Salvalaggio is a freelance reporter for the Brampton News.  She is a first year student in the Radio & Television Arts program at Ryerson University.


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Brampton - Saint Marguerite d’Youville students channeled the 80s as the theme of their 6th Annual Coffee House Jam Night.

On Friday, October 28th, d’Youville teacher and student performers gathered in the cafeteria to treat an audience of friends and family to music from every era, with focus on the 80s. There was a wide variety of music, from classic rock to modern ballads, with 80s undertones ever-present.

The atmosphere was inviting, and warm. Guests were treated to desserts and coffee with the mix of live, acoustic music. There was an amazing turn out this year, more than the printed tickets were sold, and the night was a great success.

All students with a passion for music, who would like the opportunity to play live, acoustically for an audience, are encouraged to try out for Jam Night next year. If you’re not a musician, come support your fellow d’Youville students as part of the audience.

Next October, students can look forward to a 90s themed evening. Please come out, and participate or watch as the tradition continues.

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