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Ontario and Brampton Drivers Pay More
By Automotive News & Tips | Published  12/14/2011 | Automotive | Rating:
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Brampton - Auditor General Jim McCarter today confirmed in his annual report that under Dalton McGuinty automobile insurance is “unreasonably high” in Brampton. Benefit costs in cities like Brampton rose by 37% a year in recent years compared to just 14% in other areas of the province. The average cost of automobile accident injury claims is five times higher than the average injury claim in other provinces.
Under Dalton McGuinty, annual auto insurance premiums cost $1,517 a year, well above the next closest provinces of Alberta at $1,055. That number is higher in Brampton, which has continued to struggle with the highest auto insurance rates in the country.
McCarter went on to say that the McGuinty Liberals have not gone far enough to take on the “challenges to ensure premiums remain affordable” including the high cost of claims and high benefit levels. McCarter calls on the government to address these challenges to ensure the pricing of auto insurance in Ontario remains reasonable and that individuals injured in auto accidents are treated fairly.
The Ontario PC Party’s 2011 election platform tried to fix this problem by establishing a special unit of Crown Attorneys in the office of the Financial Crimes Prosecution that would fight to keep Brampton and Ontario drivers from paying more.
“Brampton drivers are fed up with an auto insurance system in which premiums keep rising, while the coverage keeps shrinking and the McGuinty Liberals turn a blind eye to it all.” -- Ontario PC Auto Insurance Critic Jeff Yurek
“While the McGuinty Liberals remain unable to take on the high cost of claims, and high benefit levels, the Ontario PC Caucus will continue to advocate for a special unit of Crown Attorneys, the office of Financial Crimes Prosecution, dedicated to fighting the fake claims that are driving up auto insurance premiums in Brampton.” -- Ontario PC Auto Insurance Critic Jeff Yurek
At $56,000, the Auditor General found that the average injury claim in Ontario is five times greater than the average claim in other provinces. (Source: 2011 Auditor Generals Annual Report, pg. 46)
According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, Ontario has the highest auto insurance rates in Canada.  With average premiums costing $1,517 a year, Ontario is well above the next closest provinces of Alberta at $1,055 and Newfoundland and Labrador at $1,012 a year.
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