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United Way Raises Awareness with CEO Challenge
By William Osler Health System | Published  10/11/2011 | Health & Wellness | Unrated
William Osler Health System
William Osler Health System has over 800 beds and a health care team of over 4,000 staff, 700 physicians and 1100 volunteers. Osler provides programs and services to 1.3 million area residents in the growing and diverse communities they serve. William Osler Health System has three facilities – Brampton Civic Hospital, Etobicoke General Hospital and Peel Memorial (currently being redeveloped).

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Brampton — In a strong show of community spirit, leaders from William Osler Health System, The Credit Valley Hospital and Trillium Health Centre came together for a campaign rally to remind staff, physicians and volunteers of how the Tri-Hospital United Way Fundraising Campaign is helping to make a difference in the community.

In good-natured fun the hospital CEOs competed in a Trivial Pursuit challenge to raise funds and awareness for this important campaign that runs until October 21. Together, the hospitals — which have sites across Peel Region and Toronto— are running internal campaigns to collectively raise $100,000, which will support vital local social services, programs and initiatives.

The three hospitals already work together in supporting patients across their communities and this joint initiative to support United Way of Peel Region and Toronto takes the partnership a step further, making a difference in the communities where their patients, employees, physicians and volunteers live and work.

"Everyone has a role in creating a healthy community that reaches out to those that are vulnerable or in need of support during challenging times in their lives. Where better than a hospital to find that caring spirit, and we are proud of our involvement in this year’s United Way Campaign," said Matthew Anderson, President and CEO, William Osler Health System.
"The fundraising team at our hospital is very visible as they reach out to volunteers, staff and physicians. If enthusiasm, heart, and hard work will get us to our goal of $100,000, I know our joint campaign will be a success," states said Michelle DiEmanuele, President and CEO, The Credit Valley Hospital.

"Working side-by-side as three hospital systems, and as friends and neighbors, brings us closer together on this important fundraising campaign. Many of the agencies funded through this campaign provide support to the same people we treat in our hospitals every day. We are pleased to support the United Way of Peel Region to enable their important funding of our community partners," adds Ruby Brown, Execute Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Trillium Health Centre.

"The collaborative spirit and collective generosity of these three hospital systems will help United Way of Peel and its strategic network of essential services continue to change lives and build better futures for those living in Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga," says Shelley White, President and CEO, United Way of Peel Region.

Did you know? Last year, agencies funded in the United Way of Peel Region: 

-  Helped 1,914 seniors gain independence, receive social support and reduce their isolation. 
-  Helped 24,926 adult, children and youth with disabilities to live independently, learn work skills and stay engaged in the community. 
-  Provided shelter, counselling and support for 17,385 women and children who have been victims of violence and/or abuse, helping them heal and rebuild their lives. 
-  Provided counselling, support, job training and basic skills to 26,358 individuals affected by mental health issues.

The Tri-Hospital Campaign slogan is ‘United we can make a difference’, which will help inspire support and remind the community that United Way and the hospitals work together to improve lives. This year’s campaign runs from September 21 to October 20, 2011. Last year the organizations raised $88,000 and this year, the three hospitals are targeting to raise $100,000 altogether.

About William Osler Health System
William Osler Health System is home to Canada’s premier community hospitals – Brampton Civic, Etobicoke General and Peel Memorial (under redevelopment) – and serves approximately 1.3 million residents of the communities of Brampton, Etobicoke, Malton, Caledon and surrounding areas. Our vision is to design health systems that serve the global community… driven by diversity. William Osler Health System has over 800 hospital beds, and works with 4300 staff, 1100 volunteers and over 700 physicians in treating over 630,000 people every year -- over 170,00 in the emergency departments alone. For more information, please visit

About The Credit Valley Hospital
The Credit Valley Hospital provides community-based patient and family-centred care to approximately one million people in Mississauga and the surrounding region. Our community hospital also has a teaching affiliation with The Academy of Medicine at the University of Toronto Mississauga. The Credit Valley Hospital has consistently achieved the highest awards from Accreditation Canada meeting national safety and patient care standards. The Credit Valley Hospital values excellence, leadership, diversity and partnership so that Together We Create Better Health Care.

About Trillium Health Centre
Trillium Health Centre is one of Canada’s largest academically-affiliated hospitals providing quality and safe care to more than one million residents in Mississauga, southwest Toronto and the surrounding areas. Trillium is a 790-bed regional referral centre with highly-specialized, complex programs in advanced cardiac, vascular, stroke, neurosciences, orthopaedic, seniors health and sexual assault/domestic violence services. Trillium’s $462.6 million annual budget supports the 4,305 staff, 715 physicians and 1,100 volunteers who care for the 778,000 patients who visit each year.

About United Way of Peel Region
United Way of Peel Region is a strategic network of essential services providing basic needs and support, employment and education, as well as opportunities to contribute and engage in building stronger communities. By investing in services that meet immediate needs and address the root causes of social problems, we strengthen individuals, families and neighborhoods. Last year more than 400,000 people in Peel Region received support from a program or service funded by United Way. More than 400,000 people found help, hope, a new beginning and a sense of belonging. The mission of United Way of Peel Region is to engage with our community, through partnerships, to ensure people are cared for, connected and included. For more information visit
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