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“A History of Music” From Bach to The Beatles
By Brampton Music Scene | Published  09/16/2011 | Arts & Entertainment | Unrated
Brampton Music Scene
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Brampton - The City of Brampton Concert Band launches its 2011/2012 Concert Series with a gala concert entitled “A History of Music: From Bach to the Beatles” at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday October 22, 2011 at the Rose Theatre. On behalf of our music director, Darryl Eaton, we invite you to an entertaining and evocative evening as we trace the story of music from its origins to the present day. As we launch our new concert series, we invite everyone to attend a small reception beginning at 7:00pm as our expression of thanks for your support.

Guest artists include Daniel Guerrette, Terry Chisholm and Jeff Sommerfille. We look forward to seeing you at the Rose to experience this amazingly eclectic, yet wonderfully entertaining concert!

Tickets may be purchased at the Rose Theatre or Lester B. Pearson box offices or by calling 905 874-2800 or Free parking is available below the Rose Theatre at the intersection of Theatre Lane and Union Street. Ticket prices are Adults $25, Seniors and Students $20 and Children 12 and under $15. Take advantage of our subscription pricing if you choose all three, Adults $65, Seniors and Students $50 and Children 12 and Under $35. For more information on our organization please visit or follow us on our Facebook fanpage: “Brampton Concert Band.”

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